Caught on Camera

24 07 2009

Eliana was telling me she saw David trying to climb out of the crib. I hadn’t seen him do it yet.

So I decided to be super sneaky. During nap time I pretended to fall asleep on the floor next to the crib. David was lying down, but crawled over and watched me for a few minutes.

When he decided I must really be asleep, then he actually tried to climb out! I snagged a few quick pictures as proof.

David climbing out of the crib


Busted! David climbing out of the crib

“Uh Oh. Mom caught me. I bet I’m in BIG trouble.” *pout*

Pouting David after getting caught climbing out of his crib

Pouty David 2

“Ok. Fine. I’ll just lie down and take my nap.”

David decides to finally take a nap after trying to climb out of crib

Tonight hubby went ahead and put the crib down on the lowest setting to prevent any escaping babies. But I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s climbing out of the crib again! This boy LOVES climbing stuff.


David takes back his masculinity.

20 07 2009

David and I have thrush and we’ve been using Gentian Violet to help clear it up. The first time I put it in his mouth, he just started wailing. Gentian Violet is VERY purple and it takes a few days to wash away. I just giggle every time I look at him. Jake says he looks like a purple vampire when he smiles real big, since even his teeth are purple right after he gets a dose.

One day in particular, the poor guy was wearing a pink diaper, had a purple mouth, and had a sticker on his back that he couldn’t reach and take off by himself. He was not a happy camper.

So he took things into his own hands so he could prove to his mommy, sister, the world, and more importantly, to himself that he is a strong handsome little man.

Here is his journey. 😉

Step One – Acknowledge how unhappy you are.

“I’m wearing a pink diaper and now my mouth is purple, I have a sticker on my back that I can’t get off, and I DON’T like it.”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 2

Step Two – Realize that you can take your future into your own hands and change.

“Huh. You mean I don’t just have to sit here and cry about it? I can actually DO something about it?”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 3

Step Three – Make a written plan with small goals.

“I found some paper. But now I can’t find my pen. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 1

Step Four – Begin to express masculinity.

“I am David! I found my pen! Now hear me ROAR!!!

Hmmm…. I still have a pink diaper and a purple mouth. I think I need a little more testosterone.”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 3.5

“Ok, second try. I am David!! I found my pen! And now I’m going to read my Diego book! Hear me ROAR!!

Hmmmm…. well, that was better. But I’m still wearing a pink diaper and have a purple mouth. What can I do about that? MOMMMMM!”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 4

Step Five – Dress to express your inner attitude and masculinity.

“All right! Pink diaper is GONE! I think this brown diaper reflects my inner Tarzan SO much better! My mouth is still purple, but it’s fading and should be all gone soon. Let me adjust my blue hat a little bit more before I sit down and have a drink while and reading my Diego book.

Wait a second!!! This sippy cup is PINK! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I see it has an orange lid. But the cup is PINK!! This won’t do AT ALL! Time for some drastic changes.”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 5

Step Six – Bask in all your glory and enjoy the new person you have become.

“Awwww Yeah! I ditched the hat and figured out how to take off my diaper. I’m holding not just one, but TWO sticks, and I’m free and nekid as can be. I’m showing off my goods and I’m proud of it! It’s feels GREAT to be a man and show how strong and masculine I am!!”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 6

“Now how do I unlock the door? I want to get outside and show the world what a manly man I am!!”

David takes back his masculinity - 7-09 - 7

I love my handsome little man! Even if he occasionally wears a pink diaper and has a purple mouth. 🙂

Middle of the night thoughts from Eliana

17 07 2009

I’ve been rearranging some things in our playroom after getting our armoire, and we also got a coffee table off of Craigslist and moved things around in the living room.

Tonight, Eliana just came and woke me up and said she had something to tell me. I was still bleary eyed and asked her what it was.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Do you hear that?” I tried to wake up enough to listen and then realized I could hear thunder, so I told her yes.

She then whispered, “I know what is making that sound. God is moving beds and tables and REAWWY heavy things in heaven. When I die and go to heaven, then I’m going to help Him move things ALL around heaven. I’m a good helper.”

She crawled in bed with me and fell fast asleep. But now I’m wide awake.

As much as I can’t wait for Jesus to take me home, I want as much time on earth as I can with my sweet little girl!

4th of July outfits

9 07 2009

Here are the clothes I made for the kids to wear at the 4th of July Family Reunion last weekend!

I made Eliana a skort and David a pair of shorts out of two different Patriotic fabrics. Then I realized that I didn’t have any white or red shirts for them to wear with them. I dashed to Target and found two white shirts on clearance. So I used the same fabrics to applique stars on the front of the white shirts. I didn’t have a ton of time, so I just did a straight stitch around the inside of each star. I can go back and do a satin stitch if needed, but I thought that this way it might make the edges of the stars fray a bit and give it a fun look.

Eliana’s outfit

4th of July outfit for Eliana - 7-2-09

David’s outfit – There had been a pocket on his shirt, so I took it off. But I made two small holes as a result. So I just added extra stars. And it was a 2T, so there will be lots of room to grow.

4th of July outfit for David - 7-2-09

Eliana and David wearing their 4th of July outfits - 7-3-09

Playing outside the stone pavilion at the 4th of July Family Reunion

David going down the slide in his 4th of July outfit - 7-4-09

Eliana outside the stone pavilion at Range family reunion - 7-4-09

The kids got lots of compliments in their outfits and I was a proud mama showing them off!