Christmas is just around the corner!

18 12 2007

I LOVE Christmas! I esp. love when all my shopping is done!! Usually, I leave some things to the last minute, and then I’m scrambling at the mall trying to find that perfect gift that I have in my mind, but is sold out everywhere, or it is too late to order it online. This year, since I have a toddler and am pregnant, I decided I wanted to get as much done ahead of time. I did most of my shopping throughout the year. When I saw a gift that would be perfect for someone, I bought it and stashed it away. So then all I had to do was look through my stash and wrap things.

Wrapping gifts with a toddler in the house can be an adventure! I didn’t get any pictures of it, mainly because I was too busy trying to keep Eliana distracted. She helped me pick out which paper to use for each gift and would proudly hold edges down with her pudgy little fingers. She also was in charge of picking out the gift tag stickers for each gift and putting them on as I finished wrapping. So a few gifts are wrinkled and have five gift tags, but the most important thing was the quality time Eliana and I had while wrapping, and people will see Eliana’s love in each gift as well! Maybe next year I’ll be brave and try to use some bows on the gifts. I just knew that would be too much chaos for this year!

While on our way out of town to Big Springs, TX to visit Jake’s grandparents, Eliana and I stopped at the Grapevine Mills Mall to get some slippers for Jake. I LOVE finding incredible deals, like $60 slippers for $10!! Too bad they only had one pair in his size, or I would have stocked up. Jake’s slippers really take a beating!

I decided to venture out into the depths of the mall, and came across a really neat photo booth. It takes three pictures, and then you pick your favorite pose. It then transforms the photo into a drawing. You can then pick if you want it to look like a pencil drawing, charcoal, watercolor, or an oil painting. It cost $3, but the samples looked so amazing that I had to try. Plus, Eliana was in a semi-happy mood still, so I figured it was worth a shot. While choosing the image of Eliana and I, a gentleman came up and started asking me questions about it. I was explaining the process and clicking through the final print options when I guess the machine ran out of time. I was going to pick the watercolor option, but it printed it as a pencil drawing instead. Ooops! It still turned out ok, though. I decided to try one more of Eliana. She did a great job posing, and I was able to get the watercolor option. I was so happy with the outcome, that I’ve decided to make copies and print them out and frame them as gifts for Jake, my parents, and his mom. I’ll probably also print out some smaller ones of Eliana to send to relatives.

Drawing of Jen and Eliana - 11-30-07

Here is the one of Eliana. She is so beautiful!!

Watercolor Eliana - 11-30-07


Wow! That’s a BIG pancake!

16 12 2007

I splurged and bought some blueberries and blackberries. Eliana and I have LOVED putting them in our cereal in the morning! Jake mentioned that they would be good in pancakes, so we had breakfast for dinner last Friday night. I learned that it’s better to go ahead and smash up the blackberries in the batter, or else the pancakes won’t cook and fall apart. 🙂 Jake wanted to help me out by making the last few pancakes so that I could get mine doctored up. When I looked back, this is what I saw:

Now THAT’s a BIG pancake! - 12-14-07

He poured the last of the batter onto the griddle and made a HUGE blackberry pancake! I didn’t think he’d be able to flip it, but I keep forgetting about that engineering side of him. 🙂 He was able to use two spatulas and flip it without making a mess!

I got into an organizing mood last week and was sorting out papers. Eliana started laughing, and when I looked over, I saw she was in the plastic basket, pretending to sleep! Here are some fun photos of her!

Who ya looking at? 12-12-07

“Who ya looking at?!”

Cutie in a basket - 12-12-07

Cutie in a basket!

Today, Eliana insisted that her shoes be put on her baby doll. I finally put rubber bands on the shoes and the dolls legs to keep them on. Jake’s engineering mind is rubbing off on me! 😀 She had a lot of fun taking her doll on a “walk” in the kitchen.

Eliana taking her doll on a walk - 12-16-07

She’s going to be such a good mommy some day!

Introducing our newest little baby Range!

13 12 2007

Baby’s first profile!

Baby’s first profile! 11-29-07

Baby’s profile. The two dark spots on the chest are the heart and the stomach.

Baby’s profile with heart and stomach - 11-29-07

Baby’s feet!

Baby’s feet! - 11-29-07

The money shot. 😀

It’s a boy! - 11-29-07

Yup! It’s a boy!

I was leaning more towards not finding out the gender, but I knew Jake really wanted to know. So I decided to find out, but I want other kiddos to be a surprise.

But at the actual ultrasound, I got inklings when I first saw the profile, because it’s so different from Eliana’s. And then I thought I kept seeing some “flashes” of some parts as the baby squirmed around. The tech said that he was really rolling around and then would calm down so she could get some pictures, and then squirm some more. But she was able to get this great freeze frame of the key area, and I immediately blurted out, “Oh My! We’re definitely having a boy!” The doctor came in after the tech to get a few more shots, and also got another great freeze frame, and said, “Wow! He’s not small!” LOL!

His first name will be David, but we’re not sure about middle names yet. We’ll keep you posted!

Now THAT’s some serious bed head hair!

11 12 2007

I woke Eliana up early this morning so that we’d have plenty of time to get ready for our Early Childhood PTA meeting. Plus, then Jake could get some snuggles before heading off to work, as she’ll probably be in bed by time he gets home. (Thank goodness his approved paid overtime ends this Saturday!) She had the WORST bed head hair I’ve ever seen!! Of course, sympathetic mommy goes for the camera instead of a comb. But it did give Jake and I a good laugh. Here are some pictures of the two of them.

Jake and Eliana - 12-10-07

Jake holding Eliana, who is still sleepy and a little grumpy.

Jake holding Eliana, who has some serious bed head hair! 12-10-07

Now there’s a hint of a smile from my bed head beauty!

More of Eliana’s serious bed head hair! 12-10-07

View of the bed head from the back.

I’ve been slowly preparing Eliana for the arrival of her little brother, due April 4th, 2008. It helps that we take care of a little five month old boy named Marc on Wednesday mornings. She brings me his diaper and wipes, helps hold his bottle while he feeds, and brings him toys. She also likes to rock her dolls in a cradle, rock them put them to “sleep”, and “feed” them. Here is proof that I don’t have to worry about her future kids starving!

Eliana “feeds” her Cabbage Patch and Curious George doll - 12-09-07

Yup, that’s two boxes worth of crackers. I guess she thought her dolls were REALLY hungry! How she managed to get the two boxes of crackers off the top of the dryer still makes me cringe.

“Hat!! It’s a Hat!” Eliana tells me, as I am folding laundry in our living room. I look up and burst out laughing. She has one of my cotton breast pads on her head! I stopped nursing Eliana a year ago, and yet these things keep showing up at the most random times! She must have a stash of them hidden somewhere! Of course, she had to put it on my head, and then step back and look at me. Her verdict: “Funny!” she says with a giggle. Yeah, I agree with you there. I love seeing her sense of humor developing!

“It’s a hat!” Eliana with a cotton breast pad on her head - 12-09-07

Ah, the messes kids make!

8 12 2007

I have proof that I’m spending too much time on the computer. There are some forums and blogs that I love to read, and now I’m going to need to limit myself to reading them when Eliana is zonked out. She is just too busy and curious and active to be left on her own any longer than just a few minutes. I was waiting for her to finish going potty. Sometimes she likes to sit a REALLY long time, which can really test my patience. I kept asking if she’s done, and she told me, “No all done! Poop!” She’s at the point that she can tell something is going on, but sometimes it doesn’t come out as fast as she (or mommy) thinks or hopes it will.

So I decide that I’ll go ahead and send a quick email while we are waiting. She has her blankie and a sippy cup and she’ll be fine for a minute, I tell myself. After a few minutes, I realize that things are quiet. A little too quiet. As any mom knows, usually the equation is… quiet + kids = trouble + mess. Sure enough, that’s the correct answer today! Here’s what I found:

Eliana caught putting a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet

Eliana knew she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to!

A whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet

Yup! That’s a brand new roll of toilet paper in the waste basket and the toilet. There is so much toilet paper in the toilet, the water has been completely absorbed. I put on some gloves and pulled most of it out before attempting to flush the toilet, but it still clogged. Grrrr. Luckily, there is a plunger right next to the toilet and it didn’t take too much effort to unclog it.

Poor Eliana started crying as soon as I walked into the bathroom and saw the mess, cried while I tried to decide if I should join her or laugh, cried while I grabbed the camera and took some photos, and cried while I cleaned up the mess. I was consoling her the whole time, but she was just too upset to calm down. Once I got everything cleaned up and started taking the old roll off, she stopped crying, took initiative and brought me a brand new roll without me asking!

Exhibit #2…. Coloring fun. Again, I was checking my email while Eliana was eating a snack and watching a Veggies Tale video before taking a nap. I had been snuggling with her at first, but got uncomfortable with her squished as far back as she can on my pregnant lap. I made the mistake of letting her stay on the couch instead of transferring her to her booster seat where she is happy and content (and contained.) And yes, I got sucked into the world of the internet. I can try to justify it by saying I was answering a question about favorite baby shower gifts and I was posting lots of links to my favorite items so that other future moms can be helped out, but it was something that could have been done once Eliana was sound asleep enjoying her nap.

And then I realized I was hearing a strange scratching sound. I turned around to see Eliana holding a black permanent marker and coloring on our white computer room door. Not a good combo! As soon as she saw me, she went running, but luckily actually obeyed my order to “Come here right now!” She handed over the marker without any fuss, and then proudly started exclaiming, “I colored! Nana colored!” I just had to laugh at how excited she was, but also was panicking as I looked all around the living room to see what other items had been her canvas. Luckily, there wasn’t too much damage. My clear plastic bead box got decorated, along with the baby gate. But as far as I can see, that was it. A baby wipe took off the marks on the plastic, but it looks like the damage is done on the door and baby gate. At least she was cooperative and tried to help me clean the door. I’ll have to add white paint to the shopping list!

Here are some photos from this fun experience:

Eliana cleaning up the coloring she made on the door

Cleaning up the evidence

Eliana telling me she’s “Cleaning the color” from the door

Eliana telling me she’s “Cleaning up the color.”

Fun weekend with family

5 12 2007

So I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging! I figure it will help me let family and friends know the crazy antics that go on here. Life with a toddler can be entertaining and fun! Eliana turned two in October, and baby David is due to arrive in early April! I know that life is going to dramatically change in the next year, and I thought it would be fun to capture my musings so that I could look back on this time and laugh!

Eliana and I went to Big Spring, TX this past weekend for an impromptu Range gathering. It was a shooting competition, instead of just target practice like I was expecting. Granddad Range was my coach, and I actually did better than I thought I would! Luckily, I didn’t have to lie down in the prone position, as I don’t think my almost six months pregnant belly would have allowed it!

Grandma Jean offered to give Eliana a construction play set, which has tractors, diggers, a crane, a remote controlled semi, and lots of little traffic cones and other construction items. I originally said no, partially because she already has a lot of toys, but also because I didn’t think she’d play with it much. It was still sitting out from when her cousin Tristin was playing with it. And wouldn’t you know it… she played with it most of Sunday night and also throughout Monday morning! Grandma Jean and I were both surprised, and so Grandma Jean extended her offer again. I said yes and also said that I’d give it to her and baby David for a Christmas gift. So it goes to show that those gender stereotypes aren’t always accurate!

On the drive home yesterday, Eliana just melted my heart! She was singing in the backseat, “Mommy, love you. Daddy, love you. Nana (Eliana) love you.” Awwww!

Here are some fun photos from our trip.

Furry clouds on the drive to Big Springs, TX

I saw these clouds on the drive to Big Springs, TX. They looked so soft and I was sure if I could reach up and touch them that they would feel furry!

Eliana and Uncle Daniel at the gun range

Eliana and Uncle Daniel at the gun range

Little girl in a Big Bed!

Little girl in a big bed! Eliana insisted on sleeping with me in the bed.

Eliana reading with Great-Grandpa Byron

Eliana “reading” with Great-Grandpa Byron.

Eliana napping with Great-Grandma Jean

Eliana fell asleep in her booster seat after lunch and napped with Great-Grandma Jean