I had a Heart-Stopping Moment earlier tonight!

23 03 2009

Jake ran on our treadmill while we watched a movie. When we started, Eliana was finishing dinner and was sitting at the table. Then she got up and moved and sat down on the floor behind the treadmill.

Jake noticed right away and said it wasn’t safe and asked her to move, and he hopped off the treadmill and started slowing it down. Eliana got up and accidentally stepped on the treadmill while it was still moving. She fell and rolled off the back of the treadmill and hit the old treadmill board that was leaning up against the wall.

We have a large piece of glass that is supposed to go on a desk and it was leaning against the wall behind the board. The board tipped over and fell on Eliana, but then the glass fell and shattered. She started to get up, but Jake immediately scooped her up. She started crying and I rushed right over to check her out to make sure she didn’t have any big cuts.

I could see a few little cuts but nothing major, but I know Eliana was really scared by it. We took her into the bathroom and stripped her down and I gave her a shower to rinse off any tiny glass pieces and double checked for cuts and scrapes. She has a few minor cuts and some scrapes, but overall seems ok! Praise God!

She wanted to play in the bathtub, so after washing her down, I filled the tub and let her play. Once out, I rubbed some Hyland’s Arnica Bumps and Bruises Ointment on her and also gave her some Tylenol. She sat next to me and watched the movie with us, and afterward was running around playing like normal.

I think it’s one of those things that is more scary for mom or dad than for the kiddo, and I still am getting a little choked up about it.

But I sure would appreciate it if you would pray that she’ll have a deep sleep tonight and that she’ll heal quickly!


Me and My Reflection

22 03 2009

I took a break from participating in the photo challenges. I’ve enjoyed following the other challenges and seeing all the different creative ideas in the themes. I noticed that this past week’s theme was “Closeness” but didn’t plan on doing anything for it.

But then Eliana, David and I had a fun time playing in the front yard. David started looking at his reflection in our storm door, and since I had my camera with me, I started taking pictures. He quickly lost interest in being a photo subject, and I let him go and play in the grass. But then Eliana came over and wanted her pictures taken. I had fun trying some ideas, and one photo in particular stood out to me, so I decided to go ahead and enter it in this week’s challenge!

“Me and My Reflection”


Here are some of the other photos I took.




At Least It’s Slightly Entertaining!

21 03 2009

I’m working on the taxes, and am using Turbo Tax online. While I wait for sections to load, I’ve started looking at the questions people are posting, and it’s cracking me up!

My favorite so far?

“I placed a restraining order and had to pay to do so. Is this deductible?”

The DUH answer… “No, that is not a deductible expense.”

I’m sure that Turbo Tax employee is thinking to themselves that America is filled with idiots and will start looking for a new job April 16th. 🙂

Funny Sign I Saw Last Weekend

19 03 2009

When heading back to Lisa’s house to drop Luke off and switch vehicles last Sunday, we stopped in Jacksonville, TX to fill up with gas and get out snacks to feed the kiddos. I brought Eliana in with me to use the restroom. The sign on the door to the Women’s Bathroom made me stop and reread it, and then I had to suppress a giggle. When I dropped Eliana back off at the truck, I grabbed my camera and quickly snagged a photo.

I don’t speak Spanish, but I think the Spanish translation is correct.

It’s the English version that made me laugh.


When I shared this photo on one of my favorite forums, someone wondered how many men were going into the Women’s bathroom that made them need to put a sign up, LOL!

We have a new Comforter!

18 03 2009

The first argument DH and I had happened after we were engaged. I found a King-Size Log Cabin Quilt on clearance in a catalog and showed it to him. He asked what was wrong with his bedding. I told him it’s a Queen-size comforter on a King-Size bed, and to be honest, I didn’t really like it, because the colors were manly. It was something he got in junior high or high school and I wanted us to start with something new and wanted to find something that we both liked. He didn’t like the quilt I showed him and insisted we could make due. I told him I knew I could make due, but it wasn’t something that inspired romance, and I wanted to make our bedroom a romantic place and I didn’t want to even think about the things that had happened to that comforter during junior high, high school and college. This made him mad, and I ended up crying, and this made him even more upset because he thought I was trying to play him and crying on purpose to get my own way, which made me mad, and well… it just wasn’t a great conversation. He called me the next day to apologize and said he had talked to his mom who had explained things from a female point of view and he said I had valid points and I should go ahead and order it. But I was stubborn and didn’t want to do it, because I wanted bedding that he actually liked, and wasn’t just giving in because I had cried. I finally called two weeks later and they were sold out.

All that to say… we still have had that crummy comforter on our bed all this time. I actually have fabric for a quilt that I’ve been working on from time to time the past five years. So I just couldn’t justify buying bedding, when I have an obscene amount of money invested in quilter quality fabric. I even brought the focal fabric with me to pick out paint for our bedroom walls that would match. I’m using the Michael Miller Texas Wildflower fabric as the focal fabric, and have picked out decorations to fit that wildflower nature theme and colors.


So this is what our bedroom looks like with his old comforter. I always make the bed with the flower side showing, and he makes the bed with the plaid side showing. (And please excuse the mess. I was still unpacking from this past weekend, and I need a new end table to hide all my books. )


Don’t you just LOVE how it doesn’t cover up the sides of the bed?

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve been eying a quilt comforter at Walmart, but just couldn’t justify the $65 for it, esp. since I didn’t love it. I really liked it, but I wasn’t in love.

I went to a local thrift store last week, and guess what I found? The exact same King-size Quilt! Brand New in the Package! And guess how much was on the price tag?


But get this…

Since the tag was the color of the week, it was 50% off! So I only paid $5 for it!! I was totally willing to pay $5 for a King-Size comforter!! As I expected, Jake isn’t in love with it, but he’s happy that I’m happy, and he’s extremely happy with the price!

So this is what my bed looks like now!! (I finally got around to taking pictures today. )



Here is a close up of the quilt.


Here is a link to a similar set on the Walmart site. This one has more pastel colors, and mine has more of the reds/greens/blues/oranges/yellows, etc. Walmart has matching Standard Size Pillow Shams for my quilt but I need to check around some other Walmarts to see if they have King Size Shams.


I LOVE that it matches the walls and the wildflower photos I have all throughout our bedroom! And every time I go into our room, I can’t help but smile!

Fun with Friends

17 03 2009

We had a fun weekend! We met up with Clint and Nikki at her Grandfather’s acreage outside Iola, TX. Jason also flew in from Atlanta, and it was so great catching up with them all! Nikki gave birth to little Walker three weeks ago and he is such a calm and laid back little guy! I really enjoyed snuggling him and wearing him in my tester ring slings! We picked up Luke on the way down, and he was so great with the kids, and played with them and also kept a fire going in the fireplace all weekend long, which really kept the cabin warm and cozy!

Liam turned two last month, and he and Eliana wore each other out! I’m glad they had so much fun playing with each other!

It ended up raining most of the weekend, but we still had lots of fun. It stopped long enough for the men and older kiddos to go on a long four-wheeler ride and do some target practice. I know that Jake was looking forward to trying out his Dad’s guns and Clint showed him how to care for them all.

I took a ton of photos and had some fun fiddling with a few of them this afternoon while David and Eliana napped. I’ll be posting more later this week!

Nikki and Walker


Sleeping Walker


He’s a handsome little man!


Clint and Walker



Eliana and Liam eating dinner



Big Yawn for a Little Guy!


A Fairy has landed!!!

10 03 2009

On TBW forum, they have occasional DIY online swaps. I got my package in the mail Monday and I LOVE everything in it!! I went a wee bit crazy taking pictures.

Our pretty wrapped packages and sweet note.


Eliana opening her present. She was already wearing her tutu and fairy wings. I thought it was ironic and appropriate!




It’s a Fairy Dress!!! The fabric is SO cute and has little pink fairies on it. My fairy said that it was supposed to be a shirt, but it ended up being bigger than she planned. She was hoping it would work for a dress, and it’s the perfect size for Eliana! Plus, she’ll grow into it and I think it’ll be so cute with jeans or leggings under it! And you’ll notice that Eliana has already taken off her tutu and it’s around her ankles, as she was really anxious to put on her Fairy dress!


Running around the house in her Fairy dress! She kept yelling, “I’m a FAIWY!! I’m a FAIWY!!!”



More running around outside!


More Fairy Dress photos! She wanted me to put the ribbon from my package in her hair. She’s a girly girl!


She even insisted on napping in her dress!


She’s now worn it three days in a row, and I finally was able to convince her that fairies don’t wear dirty dresses, and it’s now in the wash. But as soon as it comes out of the dryer, I promised her she could wear it again.

My fairy made David the cutest little pants that have toadstools on them! He was napping during the opening of the packages, so here’s Eliana holding them up.




And she made me a wonderful apron! The colors are perfect and I love the fabric!



Eliana took this photo of me and I didn’t even realize it until after I developed the film. I put it right on and had fun cooking dinner and washing dishes with my new apron on.


So thank you sweet fairy! We LOVE our gifts!