So Thankful

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

There are so many things that I’m thankful for!

Here are two of my favorite!



And I’m feeling stuffed and full after eating a delicious meal!  I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time.  It is such a blessing to have a big enough place to have the leaf in the table and not feel squished in a small dining area!  Lisa and Kyle were here, and my parents are staying the night.

I was productive with my time this week, and made as much as I could ahead of time.  Monday we pulled the turkey out of the freezer and put it in the fridge so that it would thaw in time and I began researching recipes.  Tuesday, I made Triple Cranberry sauce (yum!) and Hello Dolly cookies (double yum!)  Yesterday, I made the stuffing, applesauce with spices, rinsed the turkey, dashed to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a nice and big roasting pan with rack and lid for $20 (score!), pulled out the table cloth and placemats, mopped the kitchen floor, straightened up the kids room and craft room, and pulled out the wine and sparkling cider,  Phew!

I went to sleep at 1:45am and woke up at 5am to put the stuffing in the turkey and put it in the oven.  I’m proud to say that it turned out moist and delicious!  Lisa brought yummy mashed potatoes, and my mom made coffee that my dad brought back from Nepal, we roasted rolls, my dad made gravy, and we all stuffed ourselves to the gills!

It was such a nice Thanksgiving, and I’m reminded that God has richly blessed me with a wonderful family!

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as full of love, peace and great conversation!


Tuckered out…

23 11 2008



We rarely eat out, so it’s always a treat to Eliana when we do.  After Bible Study recently, a few moms with kiddos in tow went to the local Burger King. Eliana had a BLAST playing with the other kids.  I had a hard time getting her to stay still long enough to eat her meal.  She insisted that the other kids needed to wear their crowns too, and they pretended they were princesses and princes exploring the new land.  She was so tuckered out, she fell asleep in the car on the way home, and barely stirred when I put her in bed.  She woke up enough to insist that she still needed to wear her crown during her nap.  I relented, taking joy in her excitement and exuberance. Later, I snuck in and snagged a few shots of my innocent princess slumbering in her royal bed.

In honor of my hubby…

19 11 2008

Jake is a huge Star Wars fan.  We had Star Wars music in my wedding (he walked out to the Darth Vader Death March music, and we walked down the isle as husband as wife to the Throne Room music.)

The Star Wars indoctrination of our children started early.  My mother-in-law bought some Star Wars flip flops, and a hat/glove set for Eliana when she was a few months old, even though it would take years for her to grow into them.  I bought a dish set for Eliana when she was a year old.  I made some Star Wars shirts for David when he was just a month old. Jake has been watching the Star Wars cartoons online with her for the last few months.  I bought Star Wars light sabers on clearance after Halloween, and Eliana and Jake have been having light saber battles on our bed, LOL!  I went back and bought a few more to replace these ones when they break.  David sits safely on the floor, but I can tell he is looking forward to the chance when he can join in the fun. I’ve also picked up a few Star Wars books for Eliana, and I save them for Jake to read to her. Tonight, Eliana asked to have a light saber battle with Daddy, and then asked if she could watch a cartoon with him.  Awwww…. the future of the next generation of Star Wars fanhood is becoming more secure by the day!

So I saw the link to this video on a forum today and Eliana was in the room when I watched it.  She then asked if she could watch it again.  And she wanted to watch it over and over and over and over!  I know she didn’t get everything they said, but she knew it was related to Star Wars!  It is fun to see her enjoy Star Wars and I know Jake especially enjoys sharing the love of Star Wars with her!

Another perk of Homeschooling….

13 11 2008

Where else can you dress up like a Hippie Princess, and it’s not Halloween, and you can sit on the floor and review your school work between bites of of a snack, and the teacher doesn’t bat an eye? LOL!






She never ceases to crack me up with her fashion choices! Although, there are plenty of photos of me as a kid wearing some “unusual” outfits, so she comes by it naturally!

Eliana is in princess mode! She loves wearing dresses and her princess shoes and her crown, and will twirl and twirl from one room to the next. I’m surprised that she can point out Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Tinkerbell, even though to my knowledge, she’s never seen those movies.

I have some curriculum that I’ve been doing with Eliana. Each month, I receive a packet full of fun crafts and worksheets, and it includes all the supplies, which is great! Each month, we focus on three letters, two numbers, a shape and a color. September we started with A B C, 1 and 2, a circle and the color blue. October was D E F, 3 and 4, a sqaure, and the color orange, which was appropriate for Halloween. November we are working on G H I, 5 and 6, a rectangle and the color brown. There is a calender that I tape onto the fridge, and there is an individual square for each day of the month.

Every few days, I cut out the squares, Eliana colors them, and then she tries to find the matching number on the calender. So it’s helping her learn how to count, to recognize the numbers, and also learn the days of the week. I also write on important events, like Grandpa Terry’s Birthday, Eliana’s Birthday, our anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I’ll leave the last month up for review.

So the above photos were taken when we were reviewing the month of September for the last time, and then I took it down to make room for November.

It’s been such a joy to see Eliana learn so much in the last few months and encourages me to continue our Homeschool journey!

Thanksgiving Flickr Mosaic

12 11 2008

I had so much fun making this Thanksgiving Flickr Mosaic! It’s for a swap-bot swap. I had a hard choosing pictures, so I decided to go ahead and make it bigger! If you click on the photo, it will take you to Flickr, where it has a list of the photo credits.

Give me an “E”!

11 11 2008

Last year, Eliana used a blue reusable shopping bag for her Halloween goodie bag. Since she was wanting to be a princess this year, I thought it’d be fun to make something a little more stylish.

Originally, she was going to wear a pink princess dress. I was walking by the craft section in Walmart and some pink velvet-like fabric caught my eye. I bought it, along with with some thin pink stretchy fabric that I thought would make a nice liner.

I ended up getting an awesome deal on a Blue Cinderella Princess dress. But since Pink is currently Eliana’s favorite color, I knew we’d get more use out of a pink bag. So I went ahead and used the fabrics to make a bag for Eliana!

To make it more personalized, I downloaded some fun princess-like fonts and printed out a large “E”. I found some fun pink/white polka-dot fabric in my stash that coordinated well with the velvet-like fabric. So I cut out a pattern and cut out a large “E” from the pink polka dot fabric.

I had picked up some spray adhesive at JoAnns and I had a little mishap. The little spray nozzle was broken off, but I could hold it on and still use it… sort of. Silly me decided to go ahead and try it out, since I thought I would need the extra adhesive when sewing it to the thicker velvet-like fabric. When I tried to spray it, the spray went crazy!!! Some spots got too much spray, and others didn’t get any. And as I tried to move the fabric, I realized that it was heavy-duty spray adhesive. Whoops! Since I was impatient, I tried to start sewing the letter, and it was gumming up the foot and sticking! I just kept changing feet and stopping the sewing and flipping directions so that I could get the appliqué finished.

So it’s a little puckered and slightly discolored on the “E” where the extra glue landed, but it worked in a pinch! Eliana was able to use it the next morning for the Halloween party and she got quite a few compliments about it! It was great to know at a glance which Halloween bag was hers! And it’s a bag that she can still use now that Halloween is over! We went to a craft co-op playgroup this past Monday morning, and she was able to find her bag and get her drink and snack by herself, which was really nice!

Here are some pictures!




And of course we need to have an action shot! I think these are more accurate photos of the color of the bag, as there is much more contrast in real life. Here is Princess Eliana with her “E” Halloween Bag!



Now I want to find blue fabric and make a bag for David!

Oh, and um, yes, I accidentally got some of the spray adhesive on my camera. I didn’t realize it until I was taking pictures at the Halloween party. But luckily, I was able to carefully wipe it off the lens. So I learned an important lesson… Put away the camera when using spray adhesive!

Unrecognized USB Device

7 11 2008

Tonight, I was working on the computer, while David played on the floor. I started getting this strange message flashing on my computer.


I couldn’t figure out what USB Device it was talking about, since I didn’t have anything hooked up. I was starting to get worried, and was wondering if it was some weird virus trying to install itself on my computer.

Then I realized that David had crawled over to the side of the computer desk. I couldn’t see what he was playing with from where I was sitting. So I stood up so I could see what David was doing.

This is what I saw…

My Unrecognized USB Device


That’s my camera cord in his mouth. I think it’s hilarious that it tried to recognize him and download from him! All it would have been able to download is a whole lot of drool!!