Middle of the night thoughts from Eliana

17 07 2009

I’ve been rearranging some things in our playroom after getting our armoire, and we also got a coffee table off of Craigslist and moved things around in the living room.

Tonight, Eliana just came and woke me up and said she had something to tell me. I was still bleary eyed and asked her what it was.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Do you hear that?” I tried to wake up enough to listen and then realized I could hear thunder, so I told her yes.

She then whispered, “I know what is making that sound. God is moving beds and tables and REAWWY heavy things in heaven. When I die and go to heaven, then I’m going to help Him move things ALL around heaven. I’m a good helper.”

She crawled in bed with me and fell fast asleep. But now I’m wide awake.

As much as I can’t wait for Jesus to take me home, I want as much time on earth as I can with my sweet little girl!




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