Camp E.D.G.E.

17 08 2009

August has been a busy month for the Range family! I’ll have to work on getting some more pictures posted of all our adventures!.

The first thing we did was go to a fun VBS program at a local church. The theme was Camp E.D.G.E. which stood for “Experience and Discover God Everywhere”. Since it was a camping theme, there were lots of trees (real, fake and paper) up all over the place. I was a teacher’s assistant for a three-year old classroom and I had a lot of fun helping decorate our room! I brought in my tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, lanterns and water jugs, and borrowed some bear themed blankets from my mom.

We had 20 three-year olds in our classroom and 16 of them were boys! It was a lot of work keeping those boys on task, but it sure was a fun week! After the first day, one of the boy’s mom’s asked him what he learned that day. He said, “I learned about God but I didn’t want to learn about God. I wanted to learn about garbage trucks!” We all had a great laugh!

Eliana was in a different classroom, but it was so nice to know what lessons, verses and songs she was learning. We got a CD with all the songs on it and we have had a lot of fun listening to it every day.

Since there was a camping theme, she got to see the tents and really wanted to sleep in one. So I went ahead and set up my three-man tent in the living room. Both kids had a blast playing in the tent! Eliana took her afternoon naps in the tent and slept in it several times at night.

We came home each afternoon and crashed and took three hour naps. It was an exhausting week, but it was also extremely rewarding!

Here are a few pictures from our week.

Eliana posing in front of the tent in her VBS classroom.

Eliana at Camp E.D.G.E. 8-6-09

Jen handing out playdough. Meghan (center) was the teacher of the class and Monica (right) was another teacher’s assistant.

Jen handing out the playdough at Camp E.D.G.E. - 8-5-09

The playdough was extra sticky and ended up being a messy craft project. The kids still had fun though!

Kids playing with the playdough - 08-05-09

Pond in our classroom where we went “fishing”

Pond in the VBS classroom - 8-5-09

Sandbox where the kids got to play in it and find hearts to remind them of God’s love and also how He created all the animals, including all the creepy crawly bugs. This was a huge hit for the boys. LOL!

Sandbox in the VBS classroom - 8-5-09

The kids really enjoyed the worship time and had fun learning the motions to the songs. We’d play the CD in our room afterwards and the four girls really liked having a dance time and doing the motions to the song. Even some of the boys joined in! It was especially fun to come home and hear Eliana singing the songs and trying to do the motions. We’ve now incorporated some of the songs into our family devotion time. This past weekend, even David joined in and tried to do some of the hand motions!

Worship time during VBS - 08-05-09

Worship time during VBS 2 - 08-05-09

Waterfall in the church lobby.

Waterfall in the lobby at VBS - 8-5-09

The tent set up in our living room.

Tent set up in our living room - 08-05-09

Eliana sleeping in the tent at nap time.

Eliana sleeping in the tent in our living room - 08-05-09