Impromptu Schooling

29 04 2009

We’ve had some fun impromptu schooling today!

A month or two ago, I got a Bernstein Bears Easter book, and it talks about the bear cubs finding a bird’s nest with eggs and watching the birds hatch. Eliana was quite confused about birds hatching from eggs, since she thought all animals came out of their mommy’s tummies. But she was wiggly and not really interested in learning more about it at the time, so I didn’t worry about it. We’ve read that book several times a week since then.

Today, we went by the Collin County Feed and Seed store in downtown McKinney, and she was so excited to see the baby chicks and the baby duck! She really wanted to bring some home, LOL! I’d love to have my own chickens sometime, but I doubt the HOA will allow it. I’ll have to look into it.

Tonight, I was making cornbread and found out my mom had put her hard boiled eggs in my egg carton. Whoops! So I had two hard boiled eggs to eat up and gave one to Eliana. She’s had them before, but it was the first time I had her crack it and pick the shell off. She was leary of the yolk and kept asking what it was. So I had her come over and help me put eggs in the cornbread and showed her the egg whites and egg yolk and explained that this is where the baby birds and baby chicks grow, and talked about chickens having babies and laying eggs with the baby chicks that grow inside the egg and then hatch. I realized she’d never seen baby chicks hatching, and I got the idea to look on youtube.

After dinner, we spent a long time watching baby chicks hatching!

Some of our favorites:

We watched this whole series.

She learned that baby birds also hatch from eggs, and learned that the mommy birds and hens sit on the eggs to keep them warm and saw how they feed their babies.

We clicked on lots of other links and she learned that baby snakes also hatch from eggs and got to watch those. She got to see a baby ostrich in an egg, and lots of different birds and ducks hatching.

And she learned that Octopus also hatch from an egg, but it’s not like a bird’s egg.

I’d leave her for a few minutes while I’d dash and do a few dishes or do another chore, and she’d come running out into the hallway saying, “Mommy! Daddy! Come QUICK!!! The baby chick JUST came out of the EGG!!!” So we’d stop and go in and watch together and watch a few more together and then go and do a few more chores and let Eliana watch again until she hollered for us again.

Tonight, we read the Bernstein Bears Easter book again and she really liked reading about the baby birds coming out of the eggs and see the mama bird feed them. It was so fun to see her excitement for learning, and to pursue something that she was interested in!


New Favorite Quote

17 04 2009

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Hans Hofmann – German Painter