Who says you have to go to the Pumpkin Patch to get pumpkin photos?

15 10 2008

I’ve been wanting to check out an upscale grocery store in McKinney called Market Street. My mom is staying with us a few days, and we decided to go check it out and have a fun birthday lunch with Eliana.

As we were walking up to the front of the store, we noticed a big pile of hay bales with pumpkins stacked all around. Eliana immediately started climbing up and sat down and smiled at us. Luckily my mom brought her camera with her, so I was able to snag some shots of Eliana on her birthday.

With some careful photo angles and cropping, you can’t even tell this is outside a grocery store next to a parking lot.

“I’ll take THIS pumpkin!”

She REALLY likes her pumpkin!

As we were walking around Market Street and picking out items for lunch, I came across another display in the produce section. Of course, Eliana wanted to crawl around on them again. I got the idea to take David out of the baby carrier and have Eliana hold him.

Eliana was too excited to stay sitting for long.

Gotta love Eliana’s fake smile, LOL!

Once David discovered the straw on the hay bale, there was no distracting him.

Eliana tried to get him to look at the camera, but he was too interested with grabbing the scratchy stuff he was sitting on.

My mom took a picture of the three of us.

We are going to a real Pumpkin Patch on October 20th in Celina, TX, but I’m glad that we’ve already had some fun with pumpkins! We took two home… the one Eliana picked out and a bigger one that I found in the produce section. The original plan was to have Eliana paint them, but they were so pretty, we decided to display those ones outside our front door. A customer told us to grab some straw and put it under the pumpkins so they didn’t just sit on the ground, and this would help them not rot and last until Thanksgiving. Eliana helped me set out the hay and then rest the pumpkins on them last night. Today, she and I ran a quick trip to Target and picked up a few small ones that she could paint. She had a lot of fun painting them this afternoon! I’m going to paint a thin clear protective layer on them and then we will also display them outside the front door with the others, so that we can have a little pumpkin family!




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