Today’s Naptime Forcast? Scattered Showers with a High Chance of Poop

12 06 2009

I put David down for a nap today. I didn’t think anything of it, until hubby went in to get him when he got home from work. I heard a loud, “OH NO! DAVID!! NO NO NO!!” I knew that couldn’t be good and got up from my short snooze to see what happened.

I had forgotten to put shorts over his diaper. David had taken off his diaper and tossed it out of the crib. Poop clumps were all over the floor. It was all over most of the crib bars. Poop was on several of his toys I have snapped onto the rail. And he had poop smeared on his arms, feet and hands. It was even under his fingernails and toenails!

I scooped him up and immediately tossed him into the tub. Hubby got right to work taking off the toys. Here’s a shout-out for Incredible Crib Sheets, because it kept it off the main sheet, although hubby went ahead and took that off too, just to be sure. David cried through his whole bath. I tried to get him to play so he could soak as long as possible to get all the poop off him. I scrubbed him down real well, with an extra scrubbing on his fingers and toes to try to get it out from under the nails.

After his bath, he cried the whole time I dried him off and got him dressed. He finally stopped crying when hubby scooped him up and snuggled him and brought him outside to distract him while DH checked out our roof.

As I was scrubbing down his crib, I realized I missed a great blackmail photo opportunity. That’s ok. He’ll thank me when he’s dating. Although it’ll still be a fun story to tease him about.




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