Finger Pickin’ Good!

26 05 2009

I think I’ve mentioned before that Eliana LOVES wearing the dresses my aunt made for me when I was little. We were visiting my parents last week and went to get some cuttings from a neighbor’s jasmine bush. Sadly, the house is a foreclosure and they’ve already moved out. So the lawn hasn’t been mowed in awhile.

Eliana had a BLAST running round and round in the tall grasses and I commented that she would fit perfectly in an episode of Little House on the Prairie. My dad went and got his camera and took these fun pictures.

Running, Running, and more Running

Eliana - running through grass - 5-18-09

Eliana - running through grass 2 - 5-18-09

Eliana - running through grass 3 - 5-18-09

Showing off a wildflower she picked

Eliana - wildflower - 5-18-09

Eliana - wildflower 3 - 5-18-09

Eliana, David and I

Jen, Eliana and David - 5-18-09

Jen, Eliana and David 2 - 5-18-09

David crawling on Grandparent’s Front Steps

David - on steps - 3 - 5-18-09

David - on steps - 5-18-09

David - on steps - 2 - 5-18-09

David and I

Jen and David - 5-18-09

Check out that finger up the nose!! Typical Boy, LOL!

Jen and David 2 - picking his nose - 5-18-09




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