“It’s my Birthday and I’ll cry if I want to!”

10 05 2009

Well, I told my hubby several times in the last few weeks exactly what I wanted. I wanted to have him get up with the kids, bring David to me so I could feed him and snooze in bed, have him get David and then I sleep in. I wanted him to bring me homemade chai and a rose picked from our rose bush in our front yard. And a bonus would be if he would help Eliana and David make me a card. And I reminded him that I had bought a locket and given to him a month or two ago, and I’d love for him to help the kids wrap it and give it to me after dinner, while eating triple chocolate brownies from a mix and ice cream.

What I got:

I got up twice with David last night (his molars are coming in, poor guy) and I thought I heard David again in the morning, but hubby got up with him. I expected him to bring David to me, but he managed to feed him breakfast and keep him happy for quite awhile! I thought I heard something weird in the hallway at one point but fell back asleep.

I got to sleep in until 11:30am!!!

Eliana threw the rose on my face, which startled me awake. And then she shoved a card in my face, but I was still blurry eyed and needed to put my glasses on before I could read it. It is actually a Birthday card he printed from online, since my birthday is also today!!! It has a hatching chick on it, and he said he thought that would be an appropriate card, since Eliana and I have been learning about how chicks and other birds and animals hatch from eggs and watching tons of youtube videos. So this way, I can look at the card and remember what I was teaching Eliana around this time. Eliana had colored it with almost every marker in the house and proudly showed me where she had “signed” her name, and showed me where David had marked the card and then marked his arm, foot and belly. Hubby handed me homemade chai and brought a little vase with water for me to put the rose in.

He said he bought me a Mother’s Day card but there was some sort of mix up and he needed to go back to the store to fix it and also buy the ice cream. I asked if he could bring both kids and he kind of got a wild eyed look, since he usually only has one kid with him, but never both, but then he agreed.

Eliana said she wanted to show me something in the living room. So I followed her out into the hallway and stopped. Hubby and Eliana had blown up balloons and hung them on streamers all up and down the hallway!! It was such a nice surprise!!!

The kitchen was a partial disaster, as he had Eliana help him mix up the brownie mix and somehow they managed to use up almost every single bowl and measuring cup. They had just put them in the oven and he said he would clean the rest up when he got back from running errands.

Now they are running errands and I hope he enjoys his glimpse of my life of running errands with both kids everyday.

Tonight, we are going to watch a few episodes of The Office and eat pizza and follow it up with brownies and ice cream!

So far, it’s been the best Mother’s Day/Birthday ever!




One response

10 05 2009

oh wow.. sounds awesome! Could your hubby come give mine lessons? LOL

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