I had a Heart-Stopping Moment earlier tonight!

23 03 2009

Jake ran on our treadmill while we watched a movie. When we started, Eliana was finishing dinner and was sitting at the table. Then she got up and moved and sat down on the floor behind the treadmill.

Jake noticed right away and said it wasn’t safe and asked her to move, and he hopped off the treadmill and started slowing it down. Eliana got up and accidentally stepped on the treadmill while it was still moving. She fell and rolled off the back of the treadmill and hit the old treadmill board that was leaning up against the wall.

We have a large piece of glass that is supposed to go on a desk and it was leaning against the wall behind the board. The board tipped over and fell on Eliana, but then the glass fell and shattered. She started to get up, but Jake immediately scooped her up. She started crying and I rushed right over to check her out to make sure she didn’t have any big cuts.

I could see a few little cuts but nothing major, but I know Eliana was really scared by it. We took her into the bathroom and stripped her down and I gave her a shower to rinse off any tiny glass pieces and double checked for cuts and scrapes. She has a few minor cuts and some scrapes, but overall seems ok! Praise God!

She wanted to play in the bathtub, so after washing her down, I filled the tub and let her play. Once out, I rubbed some Hyland’s Arnica Bumps and Bruises Ointment on her and also gave her some Tylenol. She sat next to me and watched the movie with us, and afterward was running around playing like normal.

I think it’s one of those things that is more scary for mom or dad than for the kiddo, and I still am getting a little choked up about it.

But I sure would appreciate it if you would pray that she’ll have a deep sleep tonight and that she’ll heal quickly!




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