We have a new Comforter!

18 03 2009

The first argument DH and I had happened after we were engaged. I found a King-Size Log Cabin Quilt on clearance in a catalog and showed it to him. He asked what was wrong with his bedding. I told him it’s a Queen-size comforter on a King-Size bed, and to be honest, I didn’t really like it, because the colors were manly. It was something he got in junior high or high school and I wanted us to start with something new and wanted to find something that we both liked. He didn’t like the quilt I showed him and insisted we could make due. I told him I knew I could make due, but it wasn’t something that inspired romance, and I wanted to make our bedroom a romantic place and I didn’t want to even think about the things that had happened to that comforter during junior high, high school and college. This made him mad, and I ended up crying, and this made him even more upset because he thought I was trying to play him and crying on purpose to get my own way, which made me mad, and well… it just wasn’t a great conversation. He called me the next day to apologize and said he had talked to his mom who had explained things from a female point of view and he said I had valid points and I should go ahead and order it. But I was stubborn and didn’t want to do it, because I wanted bedding that he actually liked, and wasn’t just giving in because I had cried. I finally called two weeks later and they were sold out.

All that to say… we still have had that crummy comforter on our bed all this time. I actually have fabric for a quilt that I’ve been working on from time to time the past five years. So I just couldn’t justify buying bedding, when I have an obscene amount of money invested in quilter quality fabric. I even brought the focal fabric with me to pick out paint for our bedroom walls that would match. I’m using the Michael Miller Texas Wildflower fabric as the focal fabric, and have picked out decorations to fit that wildflower nature theme and colors.


So this is what our bedroom looks like with his old comforter. I always make the bed with the flower side showing, and he makes the bed with the plaid side showing. (And please excuse the mess. I was still unpacking from this past weekend, and I need a new end table to hide all my books. )


Don’t you just LOVE how it doesn’t cover up the sides of the bed?

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve been eying a quilt comforter at Walmart, but just couldn’t justify the $65 for it, esp. since I didn’t love it. I really liked it, but I wasn’t in love.

I went to a local thrift store last week, and guess what I found? The exact same King-size Quilt! Brand New in the Package! And guess how much was on the price tag?


But get this…

Since the tag was the color of the week, it was 50% off! So I only paid $5 for it!! I was totally willing to pay $5 for a King-Size comforter!! As I expected, Jake isn’t in love with it, but he’s happy that I’m happy, and he’s extremely happy with the price!

So this is what my bed looks like now!! (I finally got around to taking pictures today. )



Here is a close up of the quilt.


Here is a link to a similar set on the Walmart site. This one has more pastel colors, and mine has more of the reds/greens/blues/oranges/yellows, etc. Walmart has matching Standard Size Pillow Shams for my quilt but I need to check around some other Walmarts to see if they have King Size Shams.


I LOVE that it matches the walls and the wildflower photos I have all throughout our bedroom! And every time I go into our room, I can’t help but smile!




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