Fun with Friends

17 03 2009

We had a fun weekend! We met up with Clint and Nikki at her Grandfather’s acreage outside Iola, TX. Jason also flew in from Atlanta, and it was so great catching up with them all! Nikki gave birth to little Walker three weeks ago and he is such a calm and laid back little guy! I really enjoyed snuggling him and wearing him in my tester ring slings! We picked up Luke on the way down, and he was so great with the kids, and played with them and also kept a fire going in the fireplace all weekend long, which really kept the cabin warm and cozy!

Liam turned two last month, and he and Eliana wore each other out! I’m glad they had so much fun playing with each other!

It ended up raining most of the weekend, but we still had lots of fun. It stopped long enough for the men and older kiddos to go on a long four-wheeler ride and do some target practice. I know that Jake was looking forward to trying out his Dad’s guns and Clint showed him how to care for them all.

I took a ton of photos and had some fun fiddling with a few of them this afternoon while David and Eliana napped. I’ll be posting more later this week!

Nikki and Walker


Sleeping Walker


He’s a handsome little man!


Clint and Walker



Eliana and Liam eating dinner



Big Yawn for a Little Guy!





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