A Fairy has landed!!!

10 03 2009

On TBW forum, they have occasional DIY online swaps. I got my package in the mail Monday and I LOVE everything in it!! I went a wee bit crazy taking pictures.

Our pretty wrapped packages and sweet note.


Eliana opening her present. She was already wearing her tutu and fairy wings. I thought it was ironic and appropriate!




It’s a Fairy Dress!!! The fabric is SO cute and has little pink fairies on it. My fairy said that it was supposed to be a shirt, but it ended up being bigger than she planned. She was hoping it would work for a dress, and it’s the perfect size for Eliana! Plus, she’ll grow into it and I think it’ll be so cute with jeans or leggings under it! And you’ll notice that Eliana has already taken off her tutu and it’s around her ankles, as she was really anxious to put on her Fairy dress!


Running around the house in her Fairy dress! She kept yelling, “I’m a FAIWY!! I’m a FAIWY!!!”



More running around outside!


More Fairy Dress photos! She wanted me to put the ribbon from my package in her hair. She’s a girly girl!


She even insisted on napping in her dress!


She’s now worn it three days in a row, and I finally was able to convince her that fairies don’t wear dirty dresses, and it’s now in the wash. But as soon as it comes out of the dryer, I promised her she could wear it again.

My fairy made David the cutest little pants that have toadstools on them! He was napping during the opening of the packages, so here’s Eliana holding them up.




And she made me a wonderful apron! The colors are perfect and I love the fabric!



Eliana took this photo of me and I didn’t even realize it until after I developed the film. I put it right on and had fun cooking dinner and washing dishes with my new apron on.


So thank you sweet fairy! We LOVE our gifts!




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