Get used to it Buddy, ’cause it’s only gonna get worse

3 03 2009

David is really fast at crawling nowadays, which is fun, but also has it’s disadvantages.

While getting dinner ready, I asked Eliana to put her clothes away.  She’s been playing “princess” and has had about ten outfit changes today.  As a result, her clothes were strewn all over her floor.

I had David in the kitchen with me, and he was having fun creeping and crawling while trying to follow me round and round the island.  Something distracted him, and I saw him crawling out of the kitchen with a Starbucks Frappucino jar wrapper in his hand.  I mentally reminded myself to make sure and throw away the evidence before Jake got home, but then continued with my task of making dinner.

Suddenly, I heard a shreak, followed by a loud “NO DAVID!!! PLEASE!!! NOOOOOO!!!!” And then I heard a door slam.

Concerned, I peeked my head out to look down the hallway.  Poor David had crawled down the hallway and I’m assuming he attempted to enter the room he shares with his sister.  But she was worried that he’d start pulling down toys and books off the shelves and make her room even more of a disaster area.  So poor David was sitting up on his knees, looking around confused, and then I saw his bottom lip start to quiver.

I quickly walked down the hallway and scooped him up to console him before the wails started.  And I popped my head into the bedroom and reminded the princess that she shared her kingdom with a little prince, and there were more appropriate ways to request her privacy.

As I walked back down to the kitchen, I told David that he’d better get used to it, because it’s only going to get worse because sometimes the princesses become drama queens.  We’ll try to nip it in the bud, but soon he’ll be bigger than her and he’ll be able to take things into his own hands. 🙂




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