13 02 2009

My poor neglected little blog.  Things have been really busy in the Range house lately, and I’m finally coming back to share about our adventures.  There is SO much to update.

First… Christmas was WONDERFUL!  I LOVED decorated in our new little place!  We were going to go to a live Christmas Tree farm, but they were sold out by the second weekend in December.  We’ll have to go earlier next year!  Instead, Eliana helped us pick out a tree at Home Depot.  We let it sit in a bucket in the garage for a few days while finishing some house projects, like picking out tile.  I’ll share more about that later.

I really enjoyed having Eliana’s help this year when decorating.  Every few days, we would do a little project, like make some ornaments, make a paper chain, decorate the front door, put the bells on the doors, hang up quilted wall hangings, and our favorite… unwrapping the ornaments and putting them on the tree!  She got to put on the soft non-breakable ornaments, while I handled the glass ornaments and kept them up top.  When shopping one day, Eliana spotted a plastic star tree-topper.  It was on clearance for just a few dollars, but she just loved it.  I couldn’t resist, esp. since we didn’t have a tree topper yet.  I’ll be on the hunt for something different, but I actually liked how it looked on the tree!

2008 Range Christmas Tree


Yeah, I really loaded down the tree with ornaments this year, LOL!

We have a Veggie Tales Nativity set on one of the bottom shelves of the Entertainment Center that both kids have really enjoyed playing with. And you can see some of the paper chain that Eliana made. The blanket on the floor is a horse blanket that I made for Jake’s mom for Christmas.


I strung up garland on top of the entertainment center and hung up an Advent Calender that Janet gave us for Christmas last year.  Eliana really enjoyed moving the star each day and got more and more excited as Christmas approached.


I also hung up the paper chain over the living room windows, and then Jake hung up garland as well.  That’s where all the Star Wars ornaments hung from this year.  Usually we have Yoda fighting a Nutcracker and Darth Vader fighting Santa.  It makes an ecclectic tree, but I giggle when I see those ornaments.  Jake’s collection has been getting larger, so it was fun to be able to see them all hanging from the garland.  Eliana LOVED it when Jake pushed the buttons to make the characters “talk” or to hear the ship noises.




The decorations really made our home feel cozy and warm!

I’ll be back to post more about Christmas!




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