Oh so delicious!!!

15 12 2008

I was house sitting last week and helped take care of some starters for Amish Friendship Bread.  I forgot about yeast being in the starter and filled the mini loaf pans too full and created QUITE the mess in the oven, LOL!  I started the next batch of starters and brought one of them home with me.  Today was the day to bake the bread and create the new starters.

I thought I had all the ingredients, but realized too late that I didn’t have vanilla pudding.  But I did have chocolate pudding!  The chocoholic in me was secretly very happy.  Jake and I ate some warm slices as we watched an episode of 24.  I giggled at the contrast…. watching a show about terrorists and interrogations, next-gen weapons and violence while eating a slice of yummy bread from a group of people known for contentment, peace, and lack of technology.

And the bread was absolutely WONDERFUL!  If you get a chance to make some Amish Friendship Bread from a starter, I highly recommend it!  It’s worth the wait!

I noticed online that there is a crock that is designed to hold the starter and a spoon to prevent any contamination, and it looks nicer than a ziplock bag sitting on the counter.  I’ll have to remember that when my birthday rolls around next year!




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