In honor of my hubby…

19 11 2008

Jake is a huge Star Wars fan.  We had Star Wars music in my wedding (he walked out to the Darth Vader Death March music, and we walked down the isle as husband as wife to the Throne Room music.)

The Star Wars indoctrination of our children started early.  My mother-in-law bought some Star Wars flip flops, and a hat/glove set for Eliana when she was a few months old, even though it would take years for her to grow into them.  I bought a dish set for Eliana when she was a year old.  I made some Star Wars shirts for David when he was just a month old. Jake has been watching the Star Wars cartoons online with her for the last few months.  I bought Star Wars light sabers on clearance after Halloween, and Eliana and Jake have been having light saber battles on our bed, LOL!  I went back and bought a few more to replace these ones when they break.  David sits safely on the floor, but I can tell he is looking forward to the chance when he can join in the fun. I’ve also picked up a few Star Wars books for Eliana, and I save them for Jake to read to her. Tonight, Eliana asked to have a light saber battle with Daddy, and then asked if she could watch a cartoon with him.  Awwww…. the future of the next generation of Star Wars fanhood is becoming more secure by the day!

So I saw the link to this video on a forum today and Eliana was in the room when I watched it.  She then asked if she could watch it again.  And she wanted to watch it over and over and over and over!  I know she didn’t get everything they said, but she knew it was related to Star Wars!  It is fun to see her enjoy Star Wars and I know Jake especially enjoys sharing the love of Star Wars with her!




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