Another perk of Homeschooling….

13 11 2008

Where else can you dress up like a Hippie Princess, and it’s not Halloween, and you can sit on the floor and review your school work between bites of of a snack, and the teacher doesn’t bat an eye? LOL!






She never ceases to crack me up with her fashion choices! Although, there are plenty of photos of me as a kid wearing some “unusual” outfits, so she comes by it naturally!

Eliana is in princess mode! She loves wearing dresses and her princess shoes and her crown, and will twirl and twirl from one room to the next. I’m surprised that she can point out Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Tinkerbell, even though to my knowledge, she’s never seen those movies.

I have some curriculum that I’ve been doing with Eliana. Each month, I receive a packet full of fun crafts and worksheets, and it includes all the supplies, which is great! Each month, we focus on three letters, two numbers, a shape and a color. September we started with A B C, 1 and 2, a circle and the color blue. October was D E F, 3 and 4, a sqaure, and the color orange, which was appropriate for Halloween. November we are working on G H I, 5 and 6, a rectangle and the color brown. There is a calender that I tape onto the fridge, and there is an individual square for each day of the month.

Every few days, I cut out the squares, Eliana colors them, and then she tries to find the matching number on the calender. So it’s helping her learn how to count, to recognize the numbers, and also learn the days of the week. I also write on important events, like Grandpa Terry’s Birthday, Eliana’s Birthday, our anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I’ll leave the last month up for review.

So the above photos were taken when we were reviewing the month of September for the last time, and then I took it down to make room for November.

It’s been such a joy to see Eliana learn so much in the last few months and encourages me to continue our Homeschool journey!




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24 11 2008

Hi! This post is very creative. The calender(if m not wrong) is really creative and innocence, and the baby is cute.

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