Give me an “E”!

11 11 2008

Last year, Eliana used a blue reusable shopping bag for her Halloween goodie bag. Since she was wanting to be a princess this year, I thought it’d be fun to make something a little more stylish.

Originally, she was going to wear a pink princess dress. I was walking by the craft section in Walmart and some pink velvet-like fabric caught my eye. I bought it, along with with some thin pink stretchy fabric that I thought would make a nice liner.

I ended up getting an awesome deal on a Blue Cinderella Princess dress. But since Pink is currently Eliana’s favorite color, I knew we’d get more use out of a pink bag. So I went ahead and used the fabrics to make a bag for Eliana!

To make it more personalized, I downloaded some fun princess-like fonts and printed out a large “E”. I found some fun pink/white polka-dot fabric in my stash that coordinated well with the velvet-like fabric. So I cut out a pattern and cut out a large “E” from the pink polka dot fabric.

I had picked up some spray adhesive at JoAnns and I had a little mishap. The little spray nozzle was broken off, but I could hold it on and still use it… sort of. Silly me decided to go ahead and try it out, since I thought I would need the extra adhesive when sewing it to the thicker velvet-like fabric. When I tried to spray it, the spray went crazy!!! Some spots got too much spray, and others didn’t get any. And as I tried to move the fabric, I realized that it was heavy-duty spray adhesive. Whoops! Since I was impatient, I tried to start sewing the letter, and it was gumming up the foot and sticking! I just kept changing feet and stopping the sewing and flipping directions so that I could get the appliqué finished.

So it’s a little puckered and slightly discolored on the “E” where the extra glue landed, but it worked in a pinch! Eliana was able to use it the next morning for the Halloween party and she got quite a few compliments about it! It was great to know at a glance which Halloween bag was hers! And it’s a bag that she can still use now that Halloween is over! We went to a craft co-op playgroup this past Monday morning, and she was able to find her bag and get her drink and snack by herself, which was really nice!

Here are some pictures!




And of course we need to have an action shot! I think these are more accurate photos of the color of the bag, as there is much more contrast in real life. Here is Princess Eliana with her “E” Halloween Bag!



Now I want to find blue fabric and make a bag for David!

Oh, and um, yes, I accidentally got some of the spray adhesive on my camera. I didn’t realize it until I was taking pictures at the Halloween party. But luckily, I was able to carefully wipe it off the lens. So I learned an important lesson… Put away the camera when using spray adhesive!




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