Important message from David

31 10 2008

We went to a Homeschool playgroup Halloween party at a local park this morning. The kids got lots of compliments on their costumes! David is a pumpkin and Eliana is a princess. Her dress is a blue Cinderella dress. I got both costumes at the thrift store for $2 each, and they still had the original tags on them!!

It was a fun party! The kids trick-or-treated from the parents, and there wasn’t any candy. They gave out things like spider rings, google glasses, playdough, bubbles, stickers, pencils, little stamp pad sets, and rubber bugs. Eliana has already had a lot of fun playing with her items! Last night, I made her a pink bag that has her initial on it. She calls it her pink princess bag and she got lots of compliments on it too!

I’ve got tons of photos in the process of downloading, but I wanted to at least get one little teaser photo up! I’ll have more photos up later tonight!




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