26 10 2008

David ADORES his big sister. If she comes into the room while I’m feeding him, he’ll start looking around until he can see her, and then gives her a big smile. He tries to grab her hair any chance he gets. He watches everything she does with facination, and I can tell he can’t wait until he can keep up with her.

I love this photo of the two of them. Eliana and David were hanging outside the bathroom while I was getting ready one morning. Eliana was “reading” to him, and he was just hanging on her every word. I snuck out to grab my camera, hoping not to break the mood.

He never looked away from her. That’s adoration!!

Is there anything cuter than animals on baby butts? I think not.

Oh, and yes, he’s just a few short weeks from crawling! He’ll get up on all fours and rock back and forth, scoots his little knees and then LUNGES forward. He’s my little inch worm!! My world is going to dramatically change, as I discover all the little spots that need to still be babyproofed!

Yesterday was the last Farmer’s Market being held in McKinney until next spring. So I brought the kids with me so that we could have fun getting some fruits and veggies. We bought most of our veggies from the same booth, so they threw in a lot of free stuff, which was a blessing! We got green beans, new potatoes, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, plums, pears and five baking pumpkins.

At another booth, I bought a Tahitian squash and an Aloe Vera plant. He gave Eliana a little pumpkin, which made her day! We got some persimmons from another booth, along with a recipe to make some persimmons bread. I’ve never had persimmons before, so I look forward to trying them!

And then we bought some strawberry-mango salsa, pineapple-banana-macadamian nut salsa and dessert chips from a booth whose company name is dreadheadchef. LOL! He’s a chef who has been having fun experimenting with different flavors for salsa as a hobby, and he has dreadlocks. The salsa was AMAZING! We also bought some dessert chips from him, which are tortilla chips with sugar and cinnamon on them, and they go really well with the salsa. He gave me lots of great cooking ideas and I look forward to trying them out!

Here are some fun pictures from the Farmer’s Market. It is held at Chestnut Square, which is a historic square near downtown McKinney. They moved some of the original old homesteads here, and it’s such a great setting for the Farmer’s Market!

Eliana likes sitting on the little benches at the entrance to the market.

“Come on, Mom! Hurry up!” Eliana ran into the market and was so excited! She wanted me to buy more blueberries, and was sad when we found out they were all sold out. She enjoyed carrying a bag, and the vendors got a kick out of giving a few veggies to Eliana to carry in her bag.

There was a group there playing Celtic music, and Eliana had fun dancing and twirling!

I tried to get her to sit for a photo, but she didn’t stay sitting for long, and was back to twirling. This is the best shot I was able to nab.

This was the dreadheadchef booth, where I got the amazing salsa and chips.

It was a really fun day! I’m going to miss going to the Farmer’s Market! I am just starting David on solids and I love giving him homemade baby food from organic fruits and veggies. There is one the 1st Saturday of the month in a town about 15 or so miles to the east, so I’m going to check it out next Saturday with my mom. There might be an opening in a neighbor’s fruit/veggie co-op, so I really hope I can get in that program!




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