A little glimpse into the future…

6 10 2008

I overheard Eliana playing doctor with David.

“I’m the Doctor! I’m the Doctor because I’m wearing my PINK jelly shoes! Ok. Now take a DEEP breath. Very good, David! Now I need to check your flexes. Here! Put your hands on here. No David! Don’t put your drool on me! That’s beesgusting! Let me have your hands. David! You grabbed my hair! No, no, no David! Ok, now your hands are lined up with your heart! You’re doing GWEAT, David! Ok, now we wait 20 hours. And now I’m going to give you until eleventy-thirty and then I’ll check your flexes again. We have to take your socks off to check your flexes. David! Stop kicking me! I’m just trying to take your socks off! You have to stay still! No, David! Don’t try to roll over. Stay WIGHT here. Ok, now I’m going to see how tall you are, David. You are a big boy! You are 30 tall!”

I peeked in and she was laying Jake’s level on him to check his height, LOL! She would hold his hands and then his feet, she looked at his head and put a piece of paper on his head. I guess she wanted to make sure his head was level? LOL! After a few minutes, she tired of the game and dashed off to play another game. I sure enjoyed my little glimpse into the future – two siblings playing peacefully (or somewhat peacefully) together!




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