It’s hard taking pictures of moving objects!

18 09 2008
This week, the photo challenge theme is “Children.”  I’ve discovered that taking pictures of kids is much harder than it seems.
I attempted to get some photos of Eliana’s beautiful Blue Eyes. I wasn’t happy with how the photos turned out, though.


And she was in an extra wiggly mood, so most of them turned out blurry. So I decided to try to play around and capture her action and got this.  I actually really like it, and if I don’t take something better, then I may submit this photo.

“Little Miss Always in Motion”

I tried taking some pictures of David but he didn’t want his photo taken either. I did manage to grab a shot of his especially grumpy face. He doesn’t do it very often and it cracks me up every time. I know I usually try to get photos of my kiddos when they look their best, but photos of babies crying always make me giggle.

“Mr. Grumpy Face”

Black and White


I’m going to try to take some more photos today, but David, Eliana and I are going out of town Saturday and won’t be back until Tuesday. So I’m hoping to post one of the photos before we leave.




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