Fuzzy Wuzzy was a….

14 09 2008

Blanket!! No… Head! Ok, for real…. Blanket!

This week, the photo challenge theme was “Texture”. I had a few ideas but hadn’t tried any of them out yet. The deadline was today, so I had to get to work!

The first thing I thought of was David’s fuzzy little head, as I love rubbing it! But I wasn’t sure if the fuzziness could be captured by photo. I went ahead and tried, but it was hard, as David kept moving his head! I realized tonight that I should have done it when he was napping.

Here are two shots from that mini session this afternoon.

Tonight, we were watching an spisode of “Battlestar Galactica” together while eating dinner. David fell asleep on the couch and Jake covered him up with a blanket that I crocheted last summer. I still haven’t tucked all the end pieces into it, and David was holding onto one of the strands of string while he slept. I gently pulled it out of his hand and then got the idea to take pictures of the blanket, since it’s also really fuzzy.

This is the one I decided to enter into the Photo Challenge.

“Fuzzy Wuzzy Blanket”

Now I’m kind of wondering if I should have entered the one of his fuzzy head. I think I’m going to go ahead and stick with the fuzzy blanket one, though.

I haven’t worked on the quilt top today. I decided to go ahead and use the pink for the inner border, but I want to get one of the paisley fabrics for an outer border, and then have the pink striped fabric for the binding. So while running errands, I stopped by my local quilt store. The door was unlocked, so I went ahead and went in to see if they have any of the fabric line in stock. It’s listed online and available for purchase, but it may not be updated. I Couldn’t find it, and while I was waiting to ask the employee about it, I went ahead and looked through the patterns and notions. I picked up an Amy Butler bag pattern, another tote bag pattern that I am actually sending for a swap, a cute smock apron pattern, along with a triangle ruler. When she was finished with the other customers, I asked her about the fabric line so that I could pick out some border fabric. That’s when she told me that actually the store is usually closed on Sundays, but they were having a class and the class members were purchasing supplies. Whoops! She went ahead and rang me up, since I already had everything in hand, which I thought was nice. I’ll call back tomorrow to see if they still have some in stock.

I started a great Bible study. We are reading a book called “Mom’s Everything Book for Daughters: practical ideas for a quality relationship” by Becky Freeman. It’s got great suggestions, both fun and serious, that help create a close relationship between a mom and her daughter now when they are young, instead of waiting until the teen years. I really want to foster an intimate relationship with Eliana, and I thought that this would be so helpful. I’m also doing a Beth Moore study called “Breaking Free” and it is being led by one of Jake’s co-worker’s wives named Emily. I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better! I know that I’m going to learn a lot during both studies!

I’m also looking into some online curriculum that I can do with Eliana. She is such a smart little girl and I can tell she wanting to learn so much, and I thought it would be helpful to have some guidance! I’ve been given some great recommendations, so now I just need to take the time to look at them and decide which one to pick. Also, I’m looking at getting her into Awana’s. I’ve been amazed to hear her “reading” a book to herself, her dolls or her brother and she has a great memory and recites a pretty close translation! One of my favorites is when she reads “Curious George Goes to the Movie” and she gets to the page where the man in the yellow hat says, “Two tickets, please!” It makes me smile every time I hear her say that! I also like hearing her read her Bible to David. So I think she’d enjoy learning some Bible verses and playing some games with other kids. I have to call tomorrow to see if there are any openings for her age.

There was a panel discussion today at the church we’ve been visiting. It was really good to hear them describe the core values of the new church they are creating and the reasons behind some of the decisions that have been made. They also have some great outreach ideas, and Jake and I really like the direction they are headed. It’ll be interesting to see how things actually work out, but we are really intrigued and will keep praying about where we should make our church home.

I hope to get my quilt top finished this week so that I can start on some Christmas projects, like stockings, a Christmas tree skirt, a wall hanging, a quilt and some ornaments. Um, I don’t really think I’ll get everything done for this Christmas, but it will be fun to have at least a few homemade items decorating our home!




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