Two peas in a pod… or something like that

7 09 2008

I woke up to someone stroking my face and having their little face just inches from mine. My blue eyes struggled to open up, but when they did, they saw matching blue eyes smiling back at me. “You woke up!” Awwww… what a nice way to start the morning!

Eliana started chattering away. “When I woke up, my door was open and it was light out! So I knew it was time for me to wake up and come out of my room! And I came to see if you were woken up too! I’m hungry. Can I have some gwapes? And some ceweal. I like ceweal and gwapes! And Look! I have my dwess! I want to wear my dwess to church today. And you will wear your skirt that matches my dwess! And we will be SOOOO pwetty! Will you put a hair clip in my hair that matches my dwess? I can’t find my black shoes. I want to wear my black shoes with my dwess. Will you help me find my black shoes, mommy? The sparkly black shoes. I like them because they are sparkly. Oh! David woke up too! David’s hungwy. You need to feed David. Will you feed David? When I grow up I’m going to feed my babies too. David can’t have gwapes yet. He’s too little. I’m a big girl! So I can have gwapes! I’m hungry, mommy. Can I have bweakfast? Daddy is still sleeping. He needs to wake up so that we can eat gwapes and ceweal and go to church today. I will see if he’s still sleeping and then I will be RIGHT back!”

The little bundle of energy ran out of the room.

Wow. Luckily she didn’t expect me to respond to her yet, as my brain could barely keep up with her! So yes, I helped her get grapes, and we had toasted bread and jam instead of cereal. Then I got her cleaned up and we put on her new dress, found a matching hair clip and hunted for the shoes. I could only find one, but realized that she’s outgrown them anyways, so I convinced her to wear a different pair of black shoes. (Boy this girl loves shoes as much if not more than her mama!! LOL!) I got dressed and it was so fun to walk into church with her holding my hand and skipping beside me!

The church that we’ve visited the most is held in a middle school just a few blocks from our house. But today they made some announcements that will radically change the dynamics of this church. There are some things I really like about the changes and others that I don’t. Jake is excited and we are looking forward to seeing how it pans out in the future. I’m torn between this one and another church. We’ll keep praying about where we should attend church as a family!

Once home, Jake took some pictures of Eliana and I in our matching outfits. It was hard getting Eliana to smile at the camera, and not use her cheesy “yawn smile” as we’ve dubbed it. I’m looking forward to wearing these outfits more this fall!

Twirling around in the yard




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