Matchy, Matchy!!

7 09 2008

I saw these cute dresses at Target yesterday. They were in the junior section and there was no way that I could fit into one. But then I thought it would be so fun to whack the top off of one and turn it into a skirt so that Eliana and I could have a matching outfit!!

And here is what the dress looks like now! I whacked off the top and sewed a casing for an elastic waistband.

And here I am modeling the skirt!

Before Eliana went to bed, I showed her the matching dresses and told her that I was going to make one into a matching skirt and we could wear them to church tomorrow. She was SO excited and asked me to hang up her dress on a hanger and hang it off of David’s crib so that she could look at it. Awwww! I look forward to taking a picture of us in our matching outfits!

And here’s something random. David had been hanging out in the computer room with me. I realized that it was quiet and I looked down and saw that he was snoozing. The thing that made me smile was that he was sleeping in the same position that I do… left leg straight but right leg bent. Left arm up by head but right arm tucked under. It was fun to see and of course I had to take a photo!

There was a quilt shop hop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend. I wasn’t planning to drive the route, but after visiting the McKinney Quilt store, I couldn’t resist! The kids were troopers and we had fun! I got to pick out some fun Christmas presents, like quilt kits and a calendar, and I’ll give them to Jake to wrap and give back to me at Christmas. I can’t believe that I forgot to grab my camera! Oh well. We’ll have the memories! I’ll take some pictures of my “loot” and post them soon!




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