I’m in Love!!! (Again)

2 09 2008

Somehow, the power cord to my sewing machine got packed in the move, and I hadn’t been able to find it. I haven’t used it since before David was born. It’s been sitting on the floor next to my craft desk, gathering dust. I’ve given it a few pats and lustful looks, as it has some amazing features, but it’s sat there silently, patiently waiting for me. My mom was generous and let me borrow her sewing machine so that I could work on all my swap projects. I felt like I was committing adultery, but assured myself that my machine would understand, and I’d give it some lovin’ when I found the cord. I actually was about to give up hope and order a new one.

When Luke was here this past weekend, he commented about there being two sewing machines in my craft room and I explained the dilema. I explained that I knew it was out in a box in the garage somewhere, but I didn’t know where, as I had already looked in all the craft boxes. He wandered out, and about two minutes later he came back into the house, and asked, “Is this what you were looking for?” In his hands was my precious power cord! I squealed with glee and ran up and gave him a big hug. He said that he found it at the bottom of a basket that had misc. items in it.

Today was the first time I’ve used my machine in almost six months. I kept reaching for a foot pedal and then would catch myself and laugh. I have a foot pedal for my machine, but I can’t remember the last time I used it. I have a start/stop button and I have found that I have more stitch control using that and can easily adjust the speed. I have a Janome Memory Craft 6600P and it has been worth every penny I spent on it! But I’ve made back almost 3/4 of that amount with the quilts I was commissioned to make by former co-workers and friends. It’s a quilting sewing machine, so it has lots of room. It also has two alphabet fonts so that I can make my own quilt labels, along with a lot of decorative stitching, which I use to sew on the binding.

Today I finished the tote bag and another Gratitude wrap. The tote bag is for a swap and the Gratitude wrap is a birthday gift for a friend. And let me tell you… I fell in love with my machine all over again!! My walking buddy came inside after our walk so that I could return some movies I borrowed and she commented on how nice my machine was. I proudly showed it off and showed her the projects I was working on. It was like showing off a new baby.

The green screen shows what stitch and mode I’m in, what the current stitch length and width are, and the tension and foot that it recommends for this stitch. Pretty Groovy!

Some of my favorite features! There is the Green Start/Stop button. The circle with the dot in it is a button that will cause the needle to stitch in place four times to lock the stitch and prevent it from unraveling. The button with the arrows shows the position that the needle will stop in at the end of the stitch. When the light is on, it means the needle will stop in the down position. This is wonderful when machine quilting, so that the quilt doesn’t shift and stitches are skipped or lengthened. It’s also handy for doing binding and stopping at the corners and turning projects. And then my favorite feature… the scissor button! This will take the top thread, pull it to the bottom, and clip it!

The bobbin has a separate motor and can be wound at the same time someone is sewing. And there are stitch width and length buttons. The first ten buttons are programmed with the most frequently used stitches, but there are three modes of stitches to choose from, which is tons of fun! They can be programmed, which is handy, although I mainly use the program mode for quilt labels.

And here is the tote bag I finished today! I am still trying to decide if I want to embellish it with buttons and ribbon, but since I made it reversible, I think I’m going to skip that step this time. The pattern has a zippered top, but I realized if I left that part off, then the bag could be reversible. I wish I would have thought of it earlier, because I would have used a different fabric for the straps so that it would have coordinated better with the second side. Overall, though, I’m really pleased with how the bag turned out!

Side One – There are three full length pockets on each side of the outside of the bag.

Inside the bag. I added a strip of fabric to each side so that there would be three pockets on each side.

Side Two

I’m really looking forward to making more of these bags, as they are easy but fun!

And here is the Gratitude Wrap that I finished.  I was able to use one of my machine’s decorative stitches to sew on the binding.

I really enjoy making these for gifts!  They are quick and easy, but also such a practical gift!  I included a book of stamps, some cards/envelopes and fun gel pens.

I look forward to sharing more of the fun projects that my sewing machine and I make together!




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