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31 08 2008

Life has been busy this week! Jake and I worked really hard on the house getting it ready for the Fantasy Football Draft being held at our house last Tuesday night. It was a success and several of Jake’s co-workers commented that they liked our house, which was nice.

And then I decided to take a break and relax and work on some sewing. I’m making a bag, and I was having the hardest time with the directions. I realized that I sewed the bottom and sides together, instead of just sewing the bottom together. Once I cut it apart and sewed just the bottom edges, the rest of the pattern fell together! I’m almost done with it, and will post some pictures of it as soon as I finish embellishing it!

Jake’s brother Luke came up Thursday night to stay a few days. We emptied the craft room, and Jake and Luke assembled the bunk bed that his mom had brought up for us. Most of the stuff got put into the hallway and front craft room/play room.

Um, yeah, so now it is a disaster. But you can see the tote bag that I’m working on. It’s sitting on my desk, and the purple lining fabric is in a pile next to it. And I hung up the small and scrappy quilt that I received in the swap as inspiration. My blocks of the month are in the bags to the left of the desk. I’m sad to admit that I have quite a few to catch up on. But I’m not planning on doing the block of the month this next year so that I can get caught up on projects. Oh, and you can see the fun kitchen fabric on the floor in the bottom right. Eliana has really enjoyed playing with the aprons I’ve received in swaps and wants me to make her one. I found this fabric and it has stoves, fridges, dishes, gloves and more on it. I thought it would be so cute for her to wear when she plays with her felted fruit we received from our fairy!! This is one of the projects I hope to finish before Eliana comes home Tuesday!

We only have one twin mattress for the bunk bed at this time, but it feels so nice to have a spot for guests to rest their heads! I dashed to Target and splurged on some fun bright striped sheets. And I put the quilt that my Aunt made for me when I was a teen. It was the first quilt ever given to me and I LOVE it! It brought back a flood of memories, as it’s a quilt I had on my bed all through junior high school, high school and college. I bring it out for guests when they stay the night, but then put it back in the trunk. So it’s wonderful for this quilt to be back in use and on display again!

There also is a trundle bed that can pull out, but we haven’t attached those pieces yet. I’m planning to store my fabric stash and misc. craft supplies and projects under the bed for now. This room will become Eliana’s room when we have another kiddo. Down the road, I plan to paint it yellow. For the past year, I’ve been thinking about how I’d like a yellow room. I have some girly rodeo and horse fabric that I’ll use in this room for Eliana, so I’ll have to pull it out and find a good coordinating yellow to match. When we first moved in, we both said that we wouldn’t worry about painting this room right away, as it was in much better condition than the other rooms. But now that almost everything else has been painted, this room really looks dingy and now we see all the scuffs. So I may paint it in the next month or two if I can find the perfect cheery yellow paint.

Since we aren’t replacing my car right away, we can only have four people driving around in Jake’s car. This caused a slight dilema when we realized that we had five people to head down to Jake’s mom’s house for Labor Day weekend. I graciously volunteered to stay home. It’s actually quite selfish of me. For one thing, my left hip started hurting a week or two after the car accident and it’s getting worse. I finally made an appointment to see the doctor, which will happen on Wednesday afternoon. It really bothers me if I get up after sitting down for awhile and if I lay on it while napping or sleeping. It wasn’t affecting me while walking, but now it’s starting to hurt even while walking. Jake’s mom had volunteered to pick David and I up on Saturday and we could go house hunting with her in Athens, TX (about two hours away) and then head to her house to meet Jake, Eliana and Luke for the weekend. Normally I would have jumped for joy because I love exploring and it would have been fun to see these plots of land with her. But I just don’t think my hip would have liked the long car drives. And since I’m staying home, I can get my craft space in the bedroom organized and also organize my craft space in the play room. There’s also a HUGE pile of laundry in our master bedroom that really needs to be folded and put away, and the mess is driving me bonkers. And of course third, I can stay home and sew and get projects done while watching sappy chick flicks and enjoy some “Me” time! David and I are going to hang out at home together and I’m going to have fun snuggling and kissing my little guy while we watch movies together and he helps keep me company while I clean and sew.

Jake, Eliana and Luke were going to head out Saturday, but decided to postpone until Sunday so that they could swing by and see Amanda and her new house. (Jake’s sister) I’ve already watched one movie (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) with another one currently running (Love Actually). Did you know that there are a ton of the same actors in both movies? I love Marvin the depressed robot! He cracks me up! I’ve borrowed quite a few movies from my walking neighbor buddy, Tara, so it’ll be fun to have mix of chick flick and sci fi this weekend!

Oh, and this week’s photo challenge theme is “Feminine”. The first thing I thought of was a statue of a mother and child that is at the McKinney Public library. I actually took a picture of it the week before, but I can only enter a photo that I take this week.

So while Luke, David, Eliana and I were running errands on Saturday, we stopped by so that I could take another photo. Sadly, the library was closed for the Labor Day Holiday. It works out, as someone else entered a photo of a statue of a brooding woman. There’s no rule that only one photo of a statue can be entered, but there’s kind of an unwritten policy that we don’t copy each other’s work. So if someone enters a photo of an idea that you have, then you come up with something different. I have found that it actually helps me think out of the box and I come up with a more creative photo as a result, which is fun!

I’ve been walking with a neighbor at night several times a week. I’ve been using my tennis shoes that I had when I was still working full time before I had Eliana. So I bought them sometime in 2002. Um, yeah. It’s time for some new shoes! I actually wonder if this might be one of the reasons my hip hurts. I decided to take advantage of the extra time Jake and Luke were here and see if I could find some good Labor Day sales. But first I went to Half-Price Book store. I didn’t need any books, but had an idea for my Feminine photo.

I found the Women’s Studies section and took a few shots.

And then I saw this book and got a great idea, but I had to go to a different section of the bookshop to complete the image. I was a little embarrassed to be in the romance section, and people were giving me some strange looks, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.


The next stop was the shoe store to pick out some new tennis shoes. I still had some time to spare, and then got a few more ideas for the challenge.

“Now That’s My Kind of Sale!”

“Fashionable Pain”

When talking with my mom last night, she gave me a good idea. Here was the first attempt. I still have time to play around with it tonight.

“My Monthly Companions”

I have until midnight on Monday to make a decision and enter something, so I’ll play around with these ideas and decide which one to enter.

Here is another sneak peak of the craft/play room. This is the bookcase that used to be in Eliana and David’s bedroom in the old house. These dot boxes originally were filled with baby wipes. I saw them at Walmart and thought they’d be perfect to store toys in their bedroom and playroom, so I stocked up and they are now in a big stack in our garage! I won’t be needing to buy baby wipes ANY time soon, LOL!! And Eliana picked out three of the plants below when we were at a recent trip to Home Depot. I saw the pots and thought it’d be fun to have these on display. She helped me put them into pots and loved playing with the dirt! She helps me water them, too, which is fun!

Here is the kitchen. I used to have a lot more of these colored glass vases, but I’ve picked out my favorites. I bought the Ivy at a local grocery store. And you can see that the shelves above the sink are finished! I think that Jake did a great job building them! I put a few things on them for decoration for the Fantasy Football draft, but I’ll go through and find some things that will live there more permanently. I know that I am going to put several tea cups on them, along with some photos in pretty frames. And Jake and my dad installed the ceiling fan! There is a matching one in the living room.

And here is a glimpse of the living room. I really need to sew the couch cover so that it will stay in place. I also want to make new comfy couch cushions. I sewed the curtain on the back door and Jake installed the hardware so that we could hang it up to block the light. The cross stitch was giving to me by Janet and I framed it. It was a gift for Eliana for her first Christmas, as it is of the nativity, and says, “Behold, A Child Is Born” which was very fitting for us. I had it hanging in Eliana’s room in the old house, but took it down once she was able to stand up in her crib. So I moved it to the dining room, but now that I have a mantle, I thought it would be a perfect place for it. I have some Willow Tree figurines on the mantle as well. The cross hanging up next to the back door is one of my favorites. I got it at a church Woman’s Retreat the month after I was married. They gave everyone one of these crosses on the last day, and it is made up of branches. I love decorating with nature, and am thrilled to have this on display in my living room! I want to paint the fireplace or do something with it, but haven’t figured out what yet. I’ll keep looking in decorating books to get some ideas. You can see our wooden trays and the treadmill tucked away into a nook to the right of the fireplace. I plan to hang something up, like a curtain or wooden photo stand or something to hide them from sight. So I feel like we’ve made great progress in fixing up our home, but I still have a lot of decorating still to do!

Ok, time to get cleaning and sewing! I have a lot more family photos to post, so hopefully I’ll get to that tomorrow or Tuesday!




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