23 08 2008

This week’s photo challenge is “Darkness”. It’s been fun to ponder and think about. My first idea involved taking a photo of a candle that had just been blown out. The next day, someone posted a photo of the same idea! Luckily, I had already thought of something else that I thought was more unique, but it involved a trip to the library (already mentioned below.) I was able to take a few shots there, and then realized that I could check the item out and play some more at home.

Things have been busy and I haven’t had a chance to take any more photos, so I might go ahead and submit one of these. I posted them in the discussion thread and have already received a lot of positive feedback, which is nice! I can’t decide if I like the vertical or the horizontal shot better.


I’d love to try to snag some time today or tomorrow to get a sharper image, although some people replied that they like the softer look. I had snapped them real quickly by a window in the library while Eliana was running around. I didn’t want her to disturb other readers, which is why I decided to check the book out. It’s actually the Constitution of the United States, completely in Braille!

I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at Braille, and both Eliana and I have really enjoyed looking at all the dots and feeling them raised under our fingertips. Eliana was asking why there weren’t any pictures or words and I was trying to explain blindness to her. I don’t think she quite got the concept. I was trying to get her to close her eyes tight, but she kept peeking. Plus, you can still see some light filtering through the eye lids. She kept asking if the eyes were broken. When I said yes, then she’d ask, “Then they should fix their eyes! They can be fixed tomorrow!” Awww! Last night, I got the idea that I could tie a piece of fabric around her eyes so that she’ll understand. It was interesting to realize that her concept of the world is so sheltered and luckily she hasn’t experienced much loss or pain. My prayer is that she’ll continue to be protected, but also have compassion and empathy for those around her.




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