“That looks like my Grandma’s curtain!”

21 08 2008
With really quick trips, I’ll bring David inside in the infant carrier car seat, esp. if he’s asleep. But for longer stops, like grocery shopping, I like to have him in a baby carrier. This way he’s snuggled up close to me and I still have both hands free, and it also tends to keep strangers from coming up and touching him without asking, as they have to invade my personal space to do it. If they ask, I don’t mind, but at least this way I can say “You can rub his head” instead of them touching his hands, which he puts in his mouth. I don’t mind him gnawing on my finger, but I guess I don’t like him eating other people’s germs. Which is kind of strange, because it wouldn’t bother me if he ate dirt. Moms are weird that way.
I was at the thrift store today looking for vintage books, when I saw some really pretty white curtain panels. I bought them with the intention of upcycling them into skirts or dresses for DD and I.

Our next errand stop was the library. And then I realized that I didn’t have any baby carriers with me!

But then… inspiration… I wondered if the curtains would be wide or long enough? And sure enough… It worked! I was surprised by how comfortable and light and cool it was! I really haven’t mastered pouches or ring slings, but this sure will make me rethink them! The curtain was folded in half width wide and I just tied it near one shoulder to make a pouch. I tried spreading it out on the back and shoulder before I tied the knot and put DS in it, and I think this is the step I was missing with other pouches and ring slings I’ve tried. I sat in the car so that he could be in my lap so that I could get him close to me and get the knot really tight and secure. I don’t know if there is an official carry position name for this, as I just made it up on the spot, which I’m pretty pleased about. (I’m mainly a MT gal, with a few FWCC or BWCC tossed in occasionally. )

We were at the library quite awhile, and I got several really nice comments about “that cute baby in the pouch…. thing.”

My favorite comment was from a girl and her mom. She asked if she could touch the baby’s head, so I squatted down so she could rub his fuzzy head. And then she said “I like your white fabric. That looks like my Grandma’s curtain!” I cracked up and said, “Well, it actually might be just like your Grandma’s curtain, because it is a curtain!” The little girl’s mom didn’t believe me at first, until I showed her the little fabric hook thingies dangling off one end. She started laughing and then we had a great conversation about babywearing.

Here are some pictures. Eliana took this first one, and she actually did a pretty decent job!

Snuggled close to mama

David must have liked it because he conked right out in it!

And just for fun… our reflection in the car window. You can also see Eliana peeking out.





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