21 08 2008

I’m in the process of painting all the trim in the house.  Let me just say that I’m tired of painting.  By the time I’m done, I’ll have painted almost every room in the house.  It really needed it and already looks so much better.  But it’s hard keeping a toddler away from wet paint.  We’ve had some mishaps as a result.  And every time I hear her say, “I’m painting!” you can be sure that I panic!  Luckily, she’s never actually gotten into the cans of paint.  But I have a feeling that day is coming.

While painting the trim around the back door, I had a fun conversation with Eliana.  She was talking about all that she was going to do when she got bigger and all growed up.  And she was going to be all growed up tomorrow.  She was going to drive a purple car.  She was going to use a knife.  She was going to cook food on the stove.  She was going to have three babies.

I asked her what she would name her babies.  She said, “Um, one baby is named Shoes, ‘nother baby is named Shoesies, and the lastest baby is named Shoeded.”  LOLOL!  Can you tell this girl likes shoes?!

I asked her if she was going to work to provide clothes and food for her baby. And she said, “No.  Their daddy will go to work!”  I said, “Smart woman!  You will need to marry a smart husband who can make lots of money for you and your babies.  Where is your husband now?” And she said, “He’s in my tummy.  I ated him.”  LOL!  She really is starting to play with her dolls, dress them up, and take them on walks in the stroller around the house.  She’s also begun to do imaginative play.  My favorite was last week when we had pizza for dinner.  Eliana then said that she made a purple pizza and wanted to bring us pieces.  She would run down the hallway to the closet door, hold her hand up to the door, and then run back and hand us the slice.  She’d stand there until we’d take the slice and pretend to eat it and say, “Yum!”  And then she’d smile real big and say, “I made it all by myself!”

We’ve been working on manners and I’m beginning to notice the payoff.  She’s saying “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” without prompts.  We’re still working on “Please” and sometimes she gets demanding and bossy.  So we ask her to wait a few minutes and ask again politely, which is helping.

She’s been a little mama lately.  Every time David wakes up from a nap and starts crying, she runs in and tells me that David is hungry and I need to feed him.  She loves holding him.  Last night she held him and “read” a book to him.  Basically, she just told him everything that was on the page.  It was so cute to see them together.  David adores his sister and watches everything she does.

It’s fun to have these conversations with Eliana and get a glimpse into her world!




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