The New ERV Bible

18 08 2008
I recently went to a baby shower for Jake’s co-worker. The night before the shower, I made a card for her. I stashed all the supplies in my desk, as I didn’t want Eliana to find them and get into them, as she’s a sticker monster.

Well, the sticker monster struck again…..

Yup, that’s my Bible with stickers in it! I’ve dubbed it the New Eliana Revised Version Bible.

Oh, and notice the liquid stain marks on the side? That’s when she spilled milk all over my Bible. And somewhere there is also a page that she scribbled on. I really should leave my Bible someplace safe, but then I forget to read it. And also she needs to learn to respect mama’s things, esp. things like a Bible. I want her to see her mama reading the Bible.

This is the Bible that Jake gave me our first Christmas after we were married, so I really don’t want to get another one, but may have to if I can’t get the stickers off.

I do have to admit that I’m excited that the ERV Bible mentions “Naptime”!




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