It’s fun being a fairy!

18 08 2008

I was recently in a DIY swap on TBW forums. I had a ton of fun trying out new tutorials and patterns as I made things for my fairyee. (Or whatever you call it!)

I’ve been wanting to try this upcycling jean skirt for awhile and finally had the perfect opportunity! You take a pair of jeans and turn them into an A-line skirt. My recipient really likes Amy Butler fabrics, so I appliquéd on two of the flowers from the Midwest poppy fabric. I took pictures as I made this skirt, so I’ll add more photos of the process.

Close up on the flowers…. um, I’m not very good at appliqué and this is only the second time I’ve tried it. I definitely need more practice!

Eliana helped me make bean bags. It was a really fun project for us to work on together, although it was a little messy! Next time, I’ll leave a larger opening to make it easier to fill the bags. I used lentils as the filler, as they were small and light and made the bean bag easy to squish. They were fast and easy, and I look forward to making more for Eliana and David to play with, as well as making them for gifts!

Eliana concentrating on filling the bags with lentils.

Bean Bags ready to be sewn shut!

The bags were made out of six-inch squares of bright primary colored fabrics. I just mix and matched them and each bag is made of two different squares. Here is side one of the bean bags.

Side Two

Lined up so that you can see both sides of the bean bags.

Thank goodness for USPS Flat Rate boxes, or else these would have been heavy to ship, esp. since they were going across the border to Canada!

You saw a sneak peek of this last month, and here is the finished product…. an Elephant!

I used Simplicy #2921. I originally got the pattern to make Eliana a horse, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I found the pattern while unpacking things and thought I’d try making the elephant. I was a little daunted, but actually it was clear and precise and easy to follow! I used too small of a seam allowance though, as I’m used to 1/4″ for quilting. The next time I make a stuffed animal, I will use a 5/8″, as the seams around the trunks began to fray. So poor Mr. Elephant had to have surgery while I did a blind stitch to fix him up before sending him to the new home.

Oh, and Mr. Elephant did have a small unfortunate accident after he was almost finished. Originally, I was going to put a rattle inside him, so I left him sitting in the middle of our kitchen table. Eliana was sitting in her booster seat eating pizza. Jake hollered at me that I should come and look at the elephant, and I panicked! She had pulled the table cloth so that she could get to the elephant, and was feeding him pizza!!! Luckily, I was able to spot treat the trunk and explained to her that Mr. Elephant and the stuffed animal kingdom don’t like pizza, and it can make them sick. At the time, I was pretty upset, but I can laugh about it now!

I had so much fun doing the Amy Butler flower appliqué that I decided to try it again! Originally, I was going to use the same poppy flowers, but realized that it was too large to use on toddler size clothing. So I looked through my stash and found this flower fabric and decided to echo the shape of the flower to make an appliqué to put on overalls.

I really liked how they turned out and want to make some for Eliana!

This next thing is called a Gratitude Wrap. You can put a journal or small address book in the left pocket, cards with envelopes in the middle pocket, and pens and stamps in the right pocket. It all ties up nice and neat and is easy to transport, so you can write notes and thank you cards wherever you are at! I saw the tutorial on the Soule Mama website and was thrilled when she posted a free pattern for one! I’m looking forward to making more of these as gifts!

I didn’t find a small address book, so I included a small journal instead. Also, since she lives in Canada, I didn’t include stamps, but left her a note to let her know that stamps would fit inside that pocket.

Close up of the cards. I got them at Walmart and I really like them! I think I’m going to make a wrap for myself and buy some more of these cards to tuck inside!

Lastly, I upcycled a dress by taking off the straps and turned it into a skirt. It is light-weight and also has a thin lining fabric. It still could be worn as a strapless dress, too, if the mama wanted. Since she’s pregnant and due with a wee babe in February, I thought this would be a fun dress that would grow with her pregnancy and also still be useful after the baby is in her arms. I made myself a skirt out of a similar teal dress, and it is sooooo comfy!

So, I went a little crazy sewing stuff for this swap, but I had so much fun trying new things!




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