When it rains, it pours….

16 08 2008

So Jake took the car to work Friday, since it was raining and I was feeling sore and didn’t plan to go anywhere. He got off early. When he came home, he came into the bedroom and told me, “Well, I just got some great news…” I realized he was being really sarcastic, and braced myself.

He said that when he went to get into his car, he realized the driver’s side window was completely spider-webbed with cracks, and was buldging out!! At first he thought someone tried to break into it, until he saw the buldging. It looks almost like someone cranked up a window way too high and started buldging out, so he wonders if there was a mechanical failure to the window.

Anyways, he wanted me to take pictures, in case the window shattered on the way to the repair shop. And I got a crazy thought…. “How many letters can I find in the broken glass?”

Here’s what I found in the short time I had…

“B” is for Broken Glass – This is the one I’m submitting in the challenge.

“I” Don’t Know What Happened to the Window

“V”ery Broken Window (This one also looks like a broken heart to me.)

Just to give you an idea of what the window now looks like….

The good news is that we can still get a rental car, as the insurance company hasn’t made an offer on my car yet. So we picked that up today and Jake drove it to work, while I drove his car home. Every time the door closes, you can hear shards of glass falling down into the door. Jake called the dealership and they told him they actually recommend a place near us in McKinney, since they can repair the window faster and cheaper than the dealership. We’ll take it in Monday morning. It’s supposed to only take 1 1/2 hours to fix, but I’m not going to count on it.





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