Song of Sorrow

14 08 2008

Monday night I got into a car accident.

It was my fault.

I was watching a man in a motorized wheelchair who started to enter the street and then stopped. Since my focus was on him, I didn’t realize that there was a blue dodge truck coming towards me as I turned left on the way home after a busy day of errands.

Tuesday, we found out the car is totaled. I’ve been filled with lots of emotions…. anger, sadness, frustration, guilt, worry.

Both kids were with me, but they seem to be doing fine. Eliana is more concerned that her mommy has boo boos on her knee and “bobow.” (My elbow, hehe!)

After spending time with the insurance agent giving a recorded statement and answering questions about what happened, the kids and I took Jake’s car to the tow truck place. I had to sign papers to release the car to our insurance company and get the rest of our belongings out of the car.

While waiting for the tow truck guy to get there to open the gate, I decided to take some pictures while both kids napped in their car seats. The tow truck company is surrounded by a tall cement block wall and has barbed wire on top. Some of the wire is getting tangled. While still sitting in the driver’s seat, I noticed a bird sitting on top of the wall. He let out a few mournful calls. It perfectly matched my mood. I snapped some photos through the windshield, as I knew he would fly off if I got out of the car. I’ve dubbed this series “Song of Sorrow”.

Here is another photo I took while I was waiting.

This week’s photo challenge is “Alphabet” and it’s finding letters of the alphabet in unusual and unexpected places. I noticed that the door to the huge sliding door of the tow truck company looked like a “D”. I forgot to get the garage door opener so I plan to take some more photos in the morning sun. But I had fun experimenting!

“D is for Door Handle”

Once the driver arrived and I signed the release, I was able to unload things from the car. I took a few pictures of the damage.

The driver calls this the “Green Sticker of Death”.

Eliana and David woke up while I was getting everything out, so I let them out of the car and thought it would be fun to take some last pictures of them with the car.

Eliana kept saying that “Mommy’s car is broken. But they will fix it pee-morrow.” (This is how she says “tomorrow”, LOL!) I kept trying to explain to her that yes, mommy’s car is broken, but it can’t be fixed. I think it finally started to sink in and she looked a little sad and said she wanted to give the car a goodbye hug.

We walked back to Jake’s car, and Eliana kept stopping and looking back and saying, “Bye, Bye, Mommy’s Car.” It made me tear up!

As we were driving out of the tow trunk company parking lot, I made the comment that I was sad to leave the car. Eliana then piped up and said that when we got home, she would give me a kiss and a hug to make me feel better. Awwww!

The good thing is that it looks like we are going to get a fair price for the car, and actually may end up with more than we paid for! Since Jake normally rides his bike to work, we aren’t getting a rental car. And we are discussing the possibility of not buying a replacement car at this time. Our original plan was to trade in Jake’s car for a van in a year or so. But since we are within walking distance to shopping and Jake works so close, we may wait on buying a replacement car and instead use just one car for now and then put the money towards a van down the road. There is still a lot of research that I need to do regarding the value of our car and how much a van would cost. I really don’t think we need a van right now and we would prefer to wait and save up so that we can find a great deal and pay cash.

I’m sore but doing ok. It’s hard to rest with two little ones to take care of, so hopefully I’ll get some time to rest my back, neck and shoulder this weekend!




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