5 08 2008

David’s surgery was a success! But it sure had it’s share of ups and downs.

Yesterday the surgery center called to get David’s health information and to go over details for the surgery. I was told it was scheduled for 10:30am, and we should be there by 9:30am. The card I received in the mail said we should be there at 9am. The lady said that if I wanted to get there at 9am, that’s fine, but just be sure to be there by 9:30am. The doctor called DH yesterday at work, and he told DH that the surgery was scheduled for 10am, but we should be there by 9:30am. So I get there at 9:25am. We sign in and sit down, and shortly after we arrive, someone comes out into the receptionist area and asks if DS has arrived yet, as his surgery was scheduled for 9:30am and the OR is empty and waiting for him, and we were supposed to be there at 7:30am.

They rush us through the admitting process and the nurse hurries and gets him all prepared. It’s actually a good thing that we didn’t have to sit around and wait for hours, as I didn’t have time to panic. They weigh him, and he now weighs 15lb 5oz!! I knew he was a chunk!! I put him into his little gown and they check temp, BP, and I sign consents. He was happy and squealing and all the nurses were coming in to look at him, as they don’t have little ones in there very often. It helped comfort and relax me as I saw all the nurses and staff coooing to him and he was just smiling away and charming everyone. The doctor and anesthesiologist came in to review the procedures. The nurse did one more BP check and then I gave him lots of hugs and kisses, as did my MIL, and then I handed him to the anesthesiologist, who held him down for last kisses, and then they took him out the door and down the hall to the OR.

I took a deep breath. My MIL asked me how I was doing, and then I burst into tears. She gave me a big hug and I could tell that she was crying too. The nurse was walking down the hall and I guess she glanced into the room and saw that I was crying and she came into the room and started rubbing my back and consoling me. I knew that he was in good hands and I was trusting by faith that he would be ok, but it was still hard. The nurse said that her kiddo had to have surgery when he was four weeks old, and so she understood how I felt.

We decided to wait in the recovery room for a few minutes in case they needed us for any last minute questions, and ended up staying in the room. The surgery was quick… about 45 minutes. (We were told it would take closer to 1 1/2 hours.) The doctor came back out and said that the surgery went perfect and actually there were some things that they ended up not needing to do, which means a quicker recovery time. About 45 minutes later, they brought David to me. He was crying and I tried to breastfeed him, but he was too fussy, so I put him tummy to tummy and he fell asleep. He went through a phase where he’d wake up, get real fussy, I’d try to feed him, he’d suck for a few seconds, pop off, start crying again, suck for a few seconds, fuss some more and then fall back asleep. I couldn’t tell if he was in pain, or if he was just groggy and fussy from the anesthesia. He started waking up more and nursed for longer periods of time, so after an hour or two, the nurse took his IV out, and gave him a dose of Tylenol. We got him dressed and then he went to town on nursing and nursed for almost an hour!

After he finally popped off the second side, I noticed he was really getting red in the face. He felt warm, and I realized it looked like he had a rash on his chest and arms and it was spreading. My MIL called for a nurse, as we were worried he was having an allergic reaction to something. They came running in, and his temp was slightly high – 100.4. They got a tube fan thing blowing cool air on him, and within a few minutes his rash was clearing up. They checked him and the temp was down to 99.4. We waited for another hour and it was down to normal – 89.5. The nurse said it could have been a reaction to anesthesia or it also could be an allergy to red dye (in the Tylenol.) His color returned to normal and we were released.

I took my MIL out to a late lunch and on the drive back to North Dallas, my MIL said that he got flushed again. After getting home, the anesthesiologist called to see how we were doing. I told him about the flushing, and he said that it’s a normal reaction that infants have to the anesthesia.

David is sleeping right now and seems to be doing well! I put him on his back and he keeps flipping over to his tummy, which I thought would be painful for him. But as long as he’s comfy, I’m ok with it.

So thanks again for all the words of encouragement! I really appreciate it!!

And here are lots of pics from our adventure!!

David’s “Deer in Headlights” look. “What’s all the fuss about?” MIL gave him the green frog this morning and he loves chewing on it!

Jen holding David before surgery

David in the gown before surgery

Happy mama holding her little one after surgery

David nursing like a champ after surgery

MIL reading a book while we are in recovery

IV dripping

IV in David’s hand


He’s waking up!

Uh Oh! He’s flushed from rash and mild fever

Trying to cool him down

Serious Boy

Hint of a smile

Back to happy, laughing, squealing little boy!

David waves thanks to all who were thinking of him and praying for him!

“Hmmm… How do I get my hand back down?”




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5 08 2008

I didnt know your sweet angel required surgery! I hope all is well and you have all my prayers and hugs and kisses for that cute little guy!

Kari from swap-bot

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