Some of my favorite websites

31 07 2008

On Swap-Bot, I was in a swap where we shared five of our favorite websites. I spend way too much time on the computer and there was no way I could limit myself to five! I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite sites here as well.

She is an artist and photographer and has wonderful craft projects that involve the whole family. I have an almost three-year old who loves crafts, and I’ve found a lot of inspiration for activities on this site. She has a book called “The Creative Family” which I received for my birthday, and it has some wonderful ideas in there! I want art, crafts and nature to be a part of our daily life, and this helps me to accomplish that and reminds me to involve my daughter in all that I do! She has a free pattern for her Gratitude Wrap, and I have already made several of these this week to give as gifts!

This is the site I hang out on the most. Like I said, I have an almost three-year old and an almost four-month old. This website has given me ways to carry my children close to my heart. This became more important when my son arrived. It freed up my hands to chase after my daughter! Plus, there is a great General and Parenting chat section in the forums, where I’ve received great parenting advice and learned so much. There are weekly photography challenges in the Special Interest section and learned how to make my own cleaning supplies in the Simple Life section. And I learned about all different kinds of carriers and through this site met some local moms who now get together once a month.

This Blog, “Because I Said So” is written by a mom and she does a great job of sharing what being a mom is like, and I laugh at almost every blog entry! We plan on having more kids, so it gives me a glimpse of what life will be like, and reminds me that in the midst of testing and tantrums, there are special moments and to not take life so seriously and look for ways to see the bright spot in every accident and hardship.

I LOVE “Sew, Mama, Sew”! They have fun projects and the tutorials are always well written and easy to understand. It’s fun and inspires me to break into my fabric stash and try something new!

I have really enjoyed reading this blog! This family has been traveling across the US in a RV that runs on veggie oil! Since they have small quarters, they really have to think about what they use and buy, since they don’t have space for a lot of “stuff”. She’s a great photographer, and it’s been really neat reading about the people and places they have met along the way!

This is a mom that I met on thebabywearer. She has some really quick and fun craft projects, and I’ve enjoyed making them and giving them as gifts! I LOVE how she decorated her tiny balcony and it’s helped me think of quick and cute ways to decorate our place, since we recently moved into our home and I can start over and rethink how I decorate space.

This is a blog I found about a week before I gave birth to my little guy. I couldn’t continue, as it made me worry too much, but then I remembered it and looked it up when my little guy was two months old. I recommend starting at the beginning and catching up. He is also a great photographer and finds beauty in unusual places and notices things that most people would walk right on by. His wife was put on bed rest and had to give birth early. She had to stay on bed rest another day, while the baby girl was in the NICU. When she got up the next day to go hold her daughter for the first time, she collapsed, and died from a pulmonary embolism. This blog is his journey as he grieves for his wife and cares for his daughter as a single dad. His writing is honest, sometimes brutal, but also tender, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried and laughed while reading the same blog entry. Just a warning, he does use some language, but if I was going through what he’s going through, I think I’d be using a few curse words too.

Here is another great craft blog! I love crafts and trying new things! I just bought the Simplicity pattern that she mentions and I’m looking forward to making a few shirts this weekend!

And I’ll end with this one. Heather’s blogs crack me up! She has a funny way with words. I also love looking at her photographs and the commentary she puts with them. Again, there is an occasional curse word, just to let you know. I esp. like her descriptions of what she goes through with her dogs. Reading her blog always makes me smile!

Have fun checking out these websites and blogs!




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