After the Storm… a Beautiful Texas sunset!!

31 07 2008

Today was such a hectic day! I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday night to get a glass of water. When I pushed on the ice maker on the fridge, a bunch of water came out! I opened the freezer door and realized the ice was melting and dripping all over everything. Then I began pulling out stuff and realized it was thawing!! Oh No! I wrote a note for Jake and he woke me up around 8am to let me know what research he’d done and the calls he’d made. We decided that I’d go get ice and try to salvage what food I could by putting it in the ice chest. And then I’d run some errands to go price new fridges. The repair companies told Jake that it’s a good chance it could be the compressor, in which case it’d cost close to $600 to repair it. We paid somewhere around $700-$800 for it almost five years ago, so we’ll need to decide if we want to put that much money into it, or if it’d be worth it to buy a new one.

I went to Walmart to get ice, and then began the long day of driving. I went to the Saturn dealership to get extra keys made. They told me on the phone it’d take 10 min. It took more than an hour.

Then we had fun at Babies ‘R Us picking out some items for a baby shower I’m going to this Saturday. Then we went to Whole Foods to get some fun goodies. I had to keep reminding myself to not get anything perishable.

Then we headed to Sear’s Outlet, which is where we bought the fridge last time. You can find good deals, but then you have to factor in getting a truck and loading the fridge and hooking it up. Last time, we didn’t have to worry about disposing of an old fridge, which is something I don’t think Sear’s Outlet will do.

Then off to Home Depot to price fridges, then my mom’s place for dinner. Eliana stayed with my mom while I went to Lowe’s.


The repair man comes Thursday morning. Jake and I have prayed about it and have a plan for at what point to go ahead and fix it, and at what point to go ahead and get a new one. I’ll keep you posted!

A storm came through the area, although it only sprinkled at my mom’s house. The sky was an erie yellow color. I am glad I had my camera with me to take pictures! I would not have been surprised to hear the tornado sirens go off with the way the clouds were looking!

Here are some of the many pictures I took! Some were taken while driving, which explains the softer look to the clouds. Also, I did minor cropping on some of the pictures to eliminate signs or light posts or power lines. But I didn’t alter the colors. This is what the sky really looked like!

I’m thinking about using one of these images in this week’s photo challenge. The topic is “Intricate” which certainly can describe Texas weather! Or maybe, inclement is a better term for it. I still have a few more days to try out some of my other ideas.

Oh, and exciting news…. I got to be the one to pick the challenge theme! The image I posted of Eliana’s hands in the sprinkler was voted number one! Yay! Several have said it is a tough but creative topic. I sure agree! There have already been some creative entries and I can’t wait to see what else people come up with!




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