Coos, Squeals and Hiccups

26 07 2008

David is a pretty laid back little guy. But there are times where he gets real smiley and starts cooing and talking away. My mom is staying the night, and he started talking and cooing to her. In the midst of his excitement, he got the hiccups! He just kept going and going and so I had to grab my camera to catch some of it!

There are several swap projects I’m working on, but I’m waiting to post pictures until after they’ve been sent and received. It’s been really fun trying new patterns and to learn some new things!

I received my small and scrappy quilt in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it!!! It’s a charm quilt, which means that every single piece of fabric in the top is different. Alicia Wells From Olalla, WA made it, which is so fun, as we have friends that live in Olalla and I’ve been there several times! It’s has four patches mixed with alternating squares and it’s been lots of fun looking at all the different fabrics! It also has scrappy binding, which is a nice added touch!

It’s hand quilted, which always amazes me. It’s something I’d love to try sometime, and a small quilt is a perfect way to try it!

My favorite piece of fabric is of the Russian nesting dolls!

I’m looking forward to hanging this up on my wall! It’s my first quilt swap I’ve done and I’m excited to have something made just for me on display!! Thanks again, Alicia!!!




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