Sticker Crazy

23 07 2008

Eliana LOVES stickers. When we are shopping and she sees a rack of stickers, she insists on looking at them and asks if we can buy some. Sometimes I’ll indulge her and let her pick one out, but most of the time I say that we can look at them but need to put them back.

My aunt sent down a package with summer clothes, and included in it were some Thomas Train stickers and Alphabet stickers. I think Eliana was more thrilled about the stickers than the clothes! She wanted to put them in her sticker book, so we found it and she had a blast putting them into her book.

Eliana in a new shirt and skirt from Aunt Denise. The headband really completes the outfit, LOL!

But I’ve learned to monitor the sticker fun. There were stickers in another package from my aunt. Eliana wanted to put them in her book and I asked her to bring it to me and then I’d help her. Eliana never brought it to me, and I got distracted and forgot about it. Until I saw this….

She had put them on the side of Jake’s bookcase! Luckily, they were easy to take off and she was able to transfer them to a page in her sticker book.

I’m in a weird mail art postcard swap on and I have been getting some really fun and creative items! Here is a card that I’m going to use as a bookmark. It has pictures of quilts all over the front and the back and has a verse on each side. I love that it’s laminated, so it’s a little more toddler-proof!

First side

Second side

I’ll add some more later once I get some pictures taken.

I was also recently in a Red, White, Blue Fat Quarter swap. I posted pictures of what I received in an earlier post. I thought I’d post a picture of what I sent. My swapee also enjoys beading, using stickers, sewing and drinking tea. I found a tea called “Rose Petal White” at a local tea shop, so I thought that was a perfect fit for this swap. I had some items in my stash that I included, like buttons, beads, and alphabet stickers in the theme colors, and picked up the thread, iron-on embellishments, ribbon and more stickers at Walmart. (I just have to say that I am THRILLED that my closest Walmart has a fabric/craft section!!!) It was so much fun finding items that matched the swapees profile and swap theme! In fact, I went ahead signed up for the next two Fat Quarter swaps!!

And now for something completely random. I saw a thread on my favorite website ( about people posting pictures of the contents of their fridges. It was interesting to see the different fridges, esp. as the ones in Europe are so much smaller. I thought I’d join in and take a picture of my fridge too.


Fridge and Freezer

My favorite item in the fridge? It’s hard to see, but it’s on the bottom shelf in the door of the fridge to the far left. It’s a glass bottle of Limpca, which tastes like a mixture between Sprite and Squirt. I bought this on my last day in India and had to pay a hefty deposit for it in rupees. Usually, sodas cost 10 rupees, but I paid 30 rupees so that I could take it with me (about 70 cents.) I’ve had this bottle for nine years now! It’s getting a little on the brownish side, so I won’t be drinking it anytime soon, but every time I see it, I smile and it brings back a flood of memories!

Eliana really wanted to take pictures with my camera. I figured why not, and was actually pretty pleased with the results!

I really like this next one, because it looks like the top shelf of the freezer is on fire!

And there was another thread regarding pictures of what’s under our sink. Since the camera was already in the kitchen, I figured I’d do this one too.

Once I get some other projects done, I plan to get this organized and put things into bins or wooden boxes. I’m in the process of using up cleaners and plan to replace them with greener alternatives and even make my own cleaners. You can see my two pairs of rubber gloves in the back left… one pair is pink and one pair is teal, and they have really fun cuffs. These gloves make me smile and help me enjoy cleaning just a smidgen more!




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