23 07 2008

When you take as many pictures as I do, it’s inevitable to end up with some “not so great” photos. Plus, when you are working with an infant and a toddler, it increases the odds of bad photos. I know that people usually post all the perfect pictures of their kids and delete the bad. But for some reason, I hold onto the bad, because they crack me up.

For fun, I’m posting some of my recent favorite bad photos.

“I’m giving you until the count of three to get that camera out of my face!”

I love how it looks like she’s thinking, “Ugh! Do I have to hold it?!”

Trying to get a decent picture to frame for Jake’s birthday.

“OMG Woman! Put that camera down and SAVE me!”

Eliana: “He’s Cwying.” Um, yeah. I noticed. Thanks for pointing it out.

“Who is this person and why do they want to talk to me?”

Introducing the Yawn Smile! And check out that outfit!

She picked it out and put it on herself. I keep trying to tell her that it’s a long shirt, but she insists it’s a dress and refuses to wear pants or shorts with it. I LOVE the fuzzy blue socks with the pink sparkly shoes that are on the wrong feet!

“Woah! There are those hands again!”

Ahhh…. I giggle every time I look at these pictures!




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