Take a ride on the Pony Express!

20 07 2008

A little more than a year ago, Janet gave Eliana a large red bin full of My LIttle Ponies that Lauren played with as a little girl. I knew that this would be something that Eliana would LOVE as she got older. In our new house, we have the space for her to play with them, and she’s really started to enjoy using them! Last night, I was feeding David on the couch while Eliana was playing with them in the living room. She kept telling me that she was putting them on the ground. I wasn’t sure what she meant, since she playing with them on the floor behind the couch and I couldn’t see what she was doing. Jake came into the living room and said, “Eliana! Did you put all your ponies in a line?” Eliana had a look on her face that showed she thought she was in trouble.  Eliana said that yes, and then Jake told her that he was so proud and that she did such a great job and Eliana started beaming!  I got up from the couch to see what he was talking about, and this is what I saw…

Doesn’t she look so proud?!

Eliana kept saying that it was a Pony Train!! I was impressed that all the ponies were facing the same direction!

Now I need to go get her some little hair brushes for her ponies. I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative things she comes up with as she continues to play with her ponies!




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