Fun Projects

19 07 2008

I’ve been working on staining some cabinets for our hallway nook and for above the kitchen sink. Jake got two of them up today! We still have one more to put in the nook and also to install shelving around the kitchen cabinet.

It’s going to be nice to have the extra space!! Jake is doing a great job installing them, and I’m impressed that we were able to match the stain to the other cabinets! I’ll make sure and post pictures when the project is finished!

I got the best package from Swap Bot! I’m in a Fat Quarter swap. We have to send four fat quarters, thread, stationary, and a surprise. The theme is “Red, White and Blue” so all the items have to be in those colors.

We got a package from Kari and Eliana loved opening up the packages! Each fat quarter was wrapped up in a toilet roll and Eliana really enjoyed shredding the tissue paper!

When Eliana opened this one, she kept saying, “Wow! It’s Star Fabwick!!” LOL!

With this one, she kept saying, “There are PEOPLED on the fabwick!”

Hmmmm….. What else is in the box?


She spent some time unsnapping and snapping the journal.

Eliana’s favorite item was the coloring book! Kari included a coloring book for Eliana and a onesie for David!!!

Here is the mess that we had to clean up afterwards, but it was worth it!

And here is David modeling his onesie! It says “Monkey Business” on it, which is fitting, since one of my nicknames for him is Monkey!

I think he likes it!

Fat Quarter package (with the exception of the Monkey Business onesie, which David promptly spit up on, so now it’s in the wash, LOL!)

I’ll have to think of a fun project for these fabrics! I’d hate to cut up the patriotic children fabric, so maybe I’ll have that be a focal panel, with fun border piecing around it.

Thanks again for such a fun package!




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