She takes my breath away….

15 07 2008

Eliana, David and I spent the afternoon and evening at my mom’s house last Friday.  Eliana had fun playing with chalk.  She kept trying to put the chalk in-between her toes and then stand up and write with the chalk.

David enjoyed spending time on Grammy Michele’s lap and cooed away at her.

I tried getting a photo of Eliana, David and Grammy Michele, but Eliana didn’t want to stay still.

Note to self:  Don’t give a toddler a bottle of tea right before you want to take pictures.

Yup, she spilled the tea down her dress, LOL! And I love how sad and forlorn David looks in this picture!

Lovin’ time!

Eliana then played in her playhouse.  I was trying to take some pictures of her, but the light was fading.  Most of her photos are blurry, but now that I’m looking at them again, I actually like them, as it shows her constant state of motion!

And every once in awhile, I grab a photo of Eliana that stuns me with her beauty and her innocence.  I LOVE this photo of her peeking out the playhouse doors!  This is one that I plan to frame and hang up so that I can see it everyday!  It really makes me want to take photography classes so that I don’t just luck into these shots.




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