Sibling love

11 07 2008

For the most part, Eliana is a great big sister to David! She runs to me to let me know when he’s woken from a nap. If he starts crying, she’ll toss a blanket on him, or prop up books or stuffed animals for him to look at. I actually have to really watch and make sure that she doesn’t put stuff over him. About once a week, she’ll come and tell me he’s crying, and then when I go in to get him, I find several toys, balls and a blanket tossed on top of him in the bassinet. She does a great job helping with diaper changes. This basically involves her bringing me a new diaper and a wipe, and she’ll put the dirty diaper in the diaper champ. She likes watching him look around, and esp. likes seeing him smiling at her.

He LOVES watching his big sister. He’ll crane his neck around to track her as she bounces all around him on the bed or runs around him in the living room. You can almost see him thinking, “I can’t wait until I’m big enough to run around and play with my big sister!”

Yesterday morning, I went in to wake David from a nap, and I found that Eliana had put one of her doll blankets over him.

It didn’t seem to bother him too much! I really enjoy watching him sleep! He’s a snorer, so I feel bad for his future wife!

What really cracked me up was that he had his ankles crossed while he was sleeping!

Eliana really enjoys reading books. Sometimes I’ll read her a story while I’m sitting on the couch feeding David. But sometimes David is squirming all around, so then I’ll ask Eliana to read me a story. Lately, she’s started reading stories to David. He’ll lean up next to her and intently stare at the pages while Eliana paraphrases the story for him. I’m glad Eliana loves books, and she’s sharing that love with David!

Eliana helped me out with a recent swap on Swapbot. It involved putting stickers on a blank postcard. and we really enjoyed it! And then I noticed another swap that involved putting the sticker waste (the sticker part left after you remove a sticker) and putting it on a blank postcard and mailing it. So we had another fun afternoon making sticker waste postcards!

Sticker postcards for Swapbot swap

Sticker waste postcards for Swapbot swap

Eliana and I had the first bubble bath in our big tub in the Master Bathroom. I learned that the new bubble bath I bought is pretty concentrated and I don’t have to use very much. We had a TON of bubbles at first! Eliana and I had so much fun playing in the bubbles. Then Jake brought David in to join the fun and have his first bubble bath. He really seemed to enjoy it, and we got to hear his first laughs as he watched Eliana play in the bubbles! Jake took some video and I’m hoping he was able to capture one of the laughs. I’ll have to upload the video of us playing. It has been quite awhile since I’ve laughed that much!

Yeah, that’s a lot of bubbles!

I love David’s toes peaking out of the bubbles!

I finished priming the dining room today! The bright neon blue room is no more! (Well, except for around the windows. Jake has to remove the blinds so I can paint in there.) I did a thick coat of primer, so hopefully I’ll only have to do one coat of paint. Right now, I’m going to paint it the same color as the living room, kitchen and hallway. I’d love to do a different color in there someday, but not having that shocking bright blue paint burning the eyes as you walk in the front door is a vast improvement. I’ll have to start posting some before/after house pictures. Some rooms have subtle changes and others are pretty drastic. There still is a lot of decorating to do once the painting is done. But it’s feeling like we are making it our own and I feel much more relaxed and comfortable in our home!




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