Small Scrappy Quilt

8 07 2008

I couldn’t sleep. So of course I just had to play around with my fabric!

I’m in a Small Scrappy Quilt swap. I decided to get a head start on my top. I picked out nine fabrics and then had fun turning them into a quilt top! I still have to add borders. If I have time, I think I might even do a mild scrappy back too!

Here are some pictures!

Fabrics in a pile

Six inch squares

Finished squares sewn together! (It hasn’t been squared up yet, though.)

Small Scrappy Quilt with potential border fabric

It’s a little more wild and bold than what I would usually do. But I had a lot of fun making it! It was an easy block, which was nice! I LOVED not having to worry about matching seams!

I look forward to finishing it over the next week or two! I’ll make sure and post pictures of the finished Quilt!

I’ve discovered a website called Swap-Bot. They have tons of different swaps, from postcards to journals, and so much more!  The most recent swap I’ve joined is a postcard swap. You send a postcard from where you live and describe why you picked that card. I sent out postcards of the Dallas skyline at night. I received the first two in the mail today! One is from La Jolla, California and one is from Boston!

I’m really looking forward to receiving more cards! I sent five postcards all over the US, and even sent one to Australia and one to Japan!

The next Swap-bot swap I’m doing has to do with tea bags and a little extra surprise. This afternoon, Eliana, David and I are going to go to a Tea House here in McKinney. I talked with the owner today, and I get to pick out different kinds of loose tea, and then she’ll make me some tea bags and labels!!! I think that is so generous and nice of her! I can’t wait to see what kind of fun and unusual teas they have! I’m sure I’ll end up getting a few extra tea bags for me to try at home!




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