7 07 2008

I’ve been watching some fun photography challenges on my favorite website (www.thebabywearer.com). There is a Shared Interest and Support forum, and some mamas there are interested in improving their photography skills. Some moms are actual professional photographers while others are only just entering the photography world and use point and shoot cameras.

Last week’s challenge topic “Freedom” caught my attention. It’s appropriate, with Fourth of July occurring the same week. But they also challenge you to think outside the box. I spent a few days pondering it and came up with a fun idea. But it meant that I would need the assistance of a toddler, which can have mixed results. As expected, Eliana didn’t want to cooperate the first few times.

We were pretty busy all last weekend, but I finally got another chance Sunday evening. I put Eliana’s ladybug sprinkler on the hose and let her run around the yard nakey. It was fun trying to get some shots. Most didn’t turn out the way I wanted, mainly due to the light. (It was dusk.) But I figured it was fun at least attempting to enter a challenge.

Here was the result.

“Innocence and Exuberance”

I liked the angles and composition of the second one better, but liked Eliana’s expression in the first one. I went ahead and entered the first one.

This week’s challenge topic is “Vintage”. I immediately knew what I wanted to take a picture of.

“Sew Many Memories”

This thread belonged to my Great-Grandmother and comes in the neatest little red case. This was my first attempt at shooting them. It was near dusk, which explains the shadows. I’m going to experiment with them a little bit more with different light and composition before making my final entry choice this Saturday.

A friend called me over the weekend. She and her mom had gone shopping last week. They went into a quilt store and she fell in love with a bunch of different fabrics and bought a ton of fat quarters. The thing that is so funny is that she doesn’t own a sewing machine and doesn’t know how to sew! LOL! So she had an offer for me… she’ll give me all the fabric if I will make her some outfits for her two little girls. I’m not one to turn down free fabric, so I booked it over there today and had a blast looking at the fabric! And this is what I brought home with me…

There are 60 fat quarters, 1 1/2 yards of some Amy Butler fabric and three sets of organic king sized pillowcases!! She showed me which ones were her fabric and we looked at some patterns online. I’m going to make her some matching outfit sets and pillowcase dresses and then have fun playing with the rest!! I’m in several online sewing swaps this month, so it will be so much fun to pick out some of the fabric to use! So now I’m in Fat Quarter heaven!!




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