Happy 4th of July!

6 07 2008

My parents came over for the day. Jake and my dad went and saw the movie “The Hulk” while I showed my mom the recent finished projects on the house and had fun hanging out with the kiddos. Gotta get that lovin’ in when she can!

I’m glad I asked my dad to go ahead and take a family picture. I realized that we didn’t have one of the four of us yet. Since it was early afternoon, the light was kind of harsh, so we planned on redoing it after they got back from the movie. But then a random storm came through. But at least we got a family photo in front of our new home!

I LOVE Jake’s shirt! It says “Jake’s Fireworks” on it and Steve gave it to Jake for Christmas a few years back. Eliana is wearing a new 4th of July outfit that Aunt Denise mailed down for her. And David is wearing a “Little Firecracker” onesie that was sent down by Aunt Becky.

We had steak, corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, green salad with toppings, homemade huckleberry tea, blackberry wine and brownies! Yummy!

My mom started cutting out her block for the block of the month club while I worked on cutting up a pair of pants and ripping the seams so that I could turn them into a skirt. I’ll make sure and post some pictures of the finished project! Jake showed off the new DVD/surround sound system. We can really blare it now that we are in our own home, which Jake loves! He put in “Star Wars: Episode III” and they had it blasting during the space fight. Eliana came into the room to be with us because she said it was too loud. Luckily, they turned it down after the intro and space fight.

So we didn’t go and see fireworks this year. We weren’t sure if Eliana would like them, and also my mom’s back is still recovering. Plus, I really didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. So we’ll make sure and go see them next year. That is the bummer about moving. For the past several years, I’ve been able to go out onto the sidewalk in front of our duplex and see Frisco’s fireworks. And if we drove a few blocks, we could see The Colony’s fireworks over Lake Lewisville, and see Lewisville’s fireworks on the other side of the lake. The pyro in me was sad, but I got to do some craftin’ instead, which was fun!

After Eliana went to bed, my mom and dad got a few last snuggles in with David before heading home.

We spent Saturday working on the house. We finished two more solar screens. Just the two side windows left and then we are done! I dug a trench for the soaker house to be buried in so that it would water the foundation better. I got some decorating done in our master bedroom, and unpacked some more boxes. Jake got toilet paper holders installed in the bathrooms and sanded some of the rough patched spots on the walls. I added putty and will sand and touch up the paint tomorrow. There still is a lot to do on the house, but it’s feeling more like home and looks a lot nicer!

On Sunday, we are going to check out a church that is only a few blocks from our house. It meets in the nearby Middle School. We’ll be able to walk to it! There are several other churches that have been recommended to us and we’ll plan on checking those out as well.

And I signed up for quite a few swaps and DIY project swaps. Between house projects and swap projects, it’s going to be a fun and busy month!!




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